My Quest for Guild HB1 Adjustment Screws

This page outlines my madness in the seeminly endless search for replacement adjustment screws for vintage Guild HB1 humbucker pickups. I have spent WAY too much time investigating these little screws, and decided to put everything in one place to make sharing this information simpler when talking to manufacturers in an effort to recreate these machine screws.

I mean, they’re #4-40 1 1/8″ pan-head machine screws. How hard could it be?


Identifying DeArmond 200, 2000, and 2K Pickups

Originally a part of my review of a Guild X160 Rockabilly guitar. I felt that the subject was asked about enough to warrant its own aritcle.

The pickups in Guild X160 Rockabilly guitars are DeArmond 2000s, and yes, this is about to get very confusing. If you’ve done even a little bit of reading about this topic, then your head is no doubt swimming with 2000, 2k, the other 2000, the vintage 200, and maybe that other company that’s making a 2000. Oh, and let’s throw the word Dynasonic in there for good measure.

Let’s talk some history.


GAD’s Guild Knowledge Base

I’ve taken many of the Guild guitar catalogs I have and put them online so people can access them. While doing that I decided to also upload all the price lists, magazine ads, articles, schematics, manuals, and other miscellaneous stuff which made it damn-near impossible to navigate.

As a result of trying to manage all those documents, I present to you GAD’s Guild Knowledge Base. This page will be updated as I either acquire new items or as I scan some of the items that I’ve not yet digitized. If you have document you’d like to share let me know and I’ll add it!

Some of the documents are PDFs, and some are just images. I’ve installed a PDF embedded reader so it should all just work, and I’ve made a point of everything being downloadable because information like this should not be hoarded or hidden behind pay walls.

GAD’s Guild Knowledge Base ] 

Cozy Tales: 57. The Ramp

Miss Daisy was almost 12, and she was getting frail. She was no longer able to nimbly leap into our Pathfinder, so we bought her a ramp. Instead of making one, we shelled out almost $100 for a fancy plastic extending ramp with handles and a nice carpet for traction. These ramps are great for dogs, especially when they learn how to use them at a young age. We weren’t smart enough to have bought one when the dogs were a young age, so now we had the pleasure of trying to teach an old dog a new trick. (more…)

Guild Guitar Catalog – 1954 (Targ & Dinner)

PDF Version: Here

Targ and Dinner (T&D) was Chicago Based Musical instrument distributor that sold Guild and sometimes included Guild catalogs. Since Guild did not time their catalogs to be released at same time as T&D, the contents were often reflective of the previous year’s Guild catalog. Note also that T&D catalogs contain prices which were not part of the Guild catalogs and may not necessarily reflect those found in Guild price lists for the given year.