Please Don’t Buy a Newfoundland Dog

Every year hundreds of giant breed dogs are put up for adoption or worse, destroyed because someone fell in love with the fluffy little puppy and brought it home, only to be overwhelmed by slobber, food, vet bills, and the sheer size of their full grown dog. If you cannot make a commitment to this (or any) animal to keep it forever, then please don’t get one. Would you give up a son or daughter because they got too big? Certainly not. Anyone who thinks a Newfoundland is any less than a child doesn’t understand the breed.

Have you talked to a Newfie breeder already? Did she ask too many questions? What do you mean I can only get a Newfie if I keep it indoors. It’s only a dog! Get lost pal. Breeders ask a lot of questions to see if you are capable of being responsible for a Newfie. They don’t want to see their pups end up in shelters two years from now. Are you OK with your big black dogs ruining your $2,000 big white sofa?

Some questions you might hear from a breeder include: How big is your yard? Is it fenced? If not, will it be? Will the dog be an inside dog? Do you have air conditioning? Will anyone stay home with the dog? Do you want to breed this dog? Do you want to show this dog? Will you go to obedience school? Would you ever put this dog in a pound? Why do you want a Newfoundland? If you suddenly cannot afford to keep your dog, what will you do? Do you have any references?

Many people say that the process is almost as bad as adopting a child. Some people think they’ll bypass that noise and get one from rescue. Good luck with that. Rescue can be even tougher!

Newfies are beautiful aren’t they? Look at that sweet face! Let me tell you something about Newfs. They love the water. Not like. Not admire. LOVE. They will get into water any way they can. They like to sit in the rain, dig holes in the mud, wade through streams and sit in the water they spilled from their bowls. They don’t care where the water is, and having a puddle of water on the kitchen floor can be just as satisfying as swimming in the ocean. Our Daisy wouldn’t drink from a bowl unless her feet were in it first. Can you handle this in your house? You better be able to with a Newfie around. Oh, see that first picture up top? That’s Annie in the mud. We were trying to train her. She decided that she’d rather be in the mud. Mud has water in it, and water = fun. This is what life with a Newfie is really like.

Most of the pretty pictures of my dogs are taken after grooming and bathing, which by the way is no small task. Ever try to brush a 130 pound animal that just doesn’t want to be groomed? Pictures and movies usually show only a well groomed animal. In reality, our dogs are this clean about 40-50% of the time. The other 50-60% of my life is spent cleaning them, cleaning up after them, or listening to my wife complain about mopping the kitchen floor for the 3rd time that day. All the carpets in our house are gone. The dogs ruined them. Now we have tile and hardwood. That pretty white couch pictured above? I loved that couch. It’s long gone.

Do you like drool? You better, because Newfies drool. Dry mouthed Newf you say? Hogwash I say. Sure some Newfies drool less than others, but there are no guarantees. Will you put you dry-mouthed Newf in the pound when he slobbers all over Aunt Edna after a big drink? Get a hamster instead. Do you like a perfectly clean house? Get a lizard. Or a maid—or three.

Do you like fur? Do you like fur in your butter? In your ice cream? How about in the sink, on your bed and up your nose at work? Newfies shed constantly. The plus side is that this is only 12 months out of the year! Even better, they blow coat twice a year. For the uninitiated, blowing coat is when they shed it all in big clumps. Prepare to vacuum friend, and if you don’t have a good vacuum? You will.

Don’t get me wrong. Newfies are the most loving creatures I have ever had the pleasure to be with. They are by far the best pets in the world. They have some serious side effects though, and most people don’t appreciate them at first. You know all those funny stories about Annie and Cozy? They are all true. Sure I might use some interesting words to entertain, but I assure you, the laughs are at my expense. Consider them all cautionary tales. I assure you, Annie really did destroy the screen door—twice.

Please, if you want a Newfie, go VISIT a reputable breeder. You must sit and play and be slobbered by these magnificent creatures before you can begin to get a feeling for what your life will be like. How do you know if a breeder is reputable? Call other Newfie breeders and ask around. Newfie breeders generally work together and will generally know a lot about one another’s programs. If you go to a breeder that has 9 different breeds all with puppies, run away. This is probably a puppy mill. Puppy mills are the scourge of the earth and the operators should be put in dirty cages and left there.

But I digress.

If you’ve gotten this far and haven’t been offended or pissed off by what I’ve said, then perhaps you are the right kind of person for a Newfie. Go buy some books, talk to some breeders and visit some big slobbery dogs. If you truly are Newfie-people, your life will change forever—for the better.

If you are considering a Newfie, then consider joining a Newfoundland forum such as Newf Net. There are some great people there who will be more than happy to help you out with your decision and point you to some people that know more than I do about the breed. There are also many other online resources available, and I suggest you try them all.

So if Newfoundlands are so much trouble, why do we have them? Simply put, the love they give is worth the mess they make. I think Annie knows that, which is why she works so hard to love everyone. She has a lot of mess to balance.

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142 thoughts on “Please Don’t Buy a Newfoundland Dog

  1. Absolutely loved this! Our Newf is 147 pounds. He isn’t allowed to have a water bowl in the house as my kitchen turns into pond when he dumps it. So, in the winter, because we have the heat on, he will wake me up 5 times a night to be let out, not to pee, but to get a drink.

    We find Newf hair in the butter and in our dinner. The kids are having a hard time determining if it is from our Newf or their Dad. But, I have gotten very good at picking the fur out of ediable things before anyone sees it. : )

      1. My second Newfies name was lucky. I had so many health issues with my first, a beautiful landseer with a heart of gold that zi got him from Canada and named him Lucky. Unfortunately even after a hip dysplasia operation and both rear acls he then got four inaperable tumors and the other with an agressive form of cancer both had to be euthanized. I’m on my second two now and wouldn’t switch breeds for all the tea in China!!!!!!

      2. i agree with you i want a Newf. you should keep them inside if you have any dog you should keep it inside and keep water in the dang house what if you could only get a drink of water but you had to go outside

      3. We have three newfies and understand well, the ponds in the middle of the kitchen…but we found a wonderful solution—Home Depot sells this industrial, black matting by the foot and it has a ‘maze’ pattern so the water gets caught in that! Try it…they really should have access to water at all times but the flooding isn’t fun, I know!

      4. My dog has the garage to himself. Bigger than his cage he can put his feet in his water he can do whatever he wants

    1. I love my Newfie. He may have some health issues but mostly just hip dysplasia and allergies. He loves to jog anytime of the day and small amounts of peanut butter to cover his medicine for his hips. We love playing in our backyard and gets along at dog parks. My dog was around 13 months when his old owners left him outside and in the winter along with his mother brother and sisters. Unfortunately, his family died before their owner came out to bring them inside. Luckily my Newfie survived, he was buried under his family frozen to the ground which is why his stomache has bare spots on him. I can’t even imagine what he’s been through and that is how he got his name Lucky. But now I know it wasn’t luck that kept him alive it was fate.
      To all Newfie lovers keep cherishing every little moments you have. Keep lovin.

      1. So sad. People who want life their way without consideration to their dogs. How would they like to live in a garage when the dog wants to be with its family. How would they like to go outside to get a drink of water. Kidney failure is a real disease that kills. These people should not have animals. Mopping up the water is too much? They should not have animals.

    2. You don’t have water inside for your newf? That is seriously messed up. I have places towels on the floor to absorb the moisture . I would never make my dog beg for water. Especially a Newfoundland.

      1. I have raised water bowls that sit inside a rubber boot mat. They cannot dig in the water n most dripping goes inside the mat. Working great n no slipping on the tile kitchen floor!

      2. I have a big furry gent ..he is Mr polite .. has manners and loves life ..he has a personality as big as he is .for the he joy he brings the hair is minor. And the water thing is funny . I never restricted his water that is cruel… I guess the neat niks shouldn’t have them j Dotter. I love love love my drool box agreed

      3. So what is so bad about a water bowl being outside? If theirs is anything like mine, the toilet is free game, even with the lid closed. It is impetus to keep my toilet clean. I also have slate in my main bathroom so I fill up the two-person tub. Because of the slate it doesn’t matter if my Newfie gets water everywhere. I have also trained my dog to roll up in a ginormous towel before coming out of the bathroom.

        Why are you so judgmental & mean-spirited?

    3. I saw the original post say small puppy. we got our beautiful Landseer Newfoundland at 9 weeks. he has never been small! we have Pyrenees so this seemed natural. he is. ow 6 months 80 pounds, tears up everything in the house and we are absolutely in love with him! best dogs ever!!!

      1. Hi from Scotland. The weather here is great for Newfs, it rains most of the time. My wife is from Seattle so nothing new there too. We bought Harry from reputable breeders to help my son who has Aspergers and seriously it’s the best thing we ever did. To see the genuine love Harry constantly gives is amazing even more amazing is the love my little boy gives to him. He does not care about slobber or hair in his dinner. His response is simple wipe it off or pick out the hair. I have never met such a pair for finding mud and dirt and so I spend most nights washing them both down. What was once a clinical clean place to live with everything in its place due to my sons condition is now a home with love and general chaos no known medicine or expert could compete with Harry. It takes special people to love a Newf, the mess the drool the towels trapped everywhere but they are very special, they are just not like any other dogs I have owned. They are more like family. I know one day will come that I will dread but I really hope I have given him the love he has given to us. I don’t think I could ever have a house without a Newf but even more so a house without a Harry

    4. Haha. I do this too. I make dinner and inspect it before i pass out plates. Especially if company is over. What they know wont hurt them!

      1. You did actually read everyone’s posts regarding water outside right? Because you completely left out the reasoning as to why they leave the water outside.
        Besides, even if there was no reasoning, I think it can handle simply walking outside to drink its water?
        I mean a wolf doesn’t have water inside it’s den. It has to go outside and get some. Does that mean a wolf shouldn’t have cubs? I think not
        Also, love your emphasis lmao!!!!!!!

    5. I leave a bowl of ice water everday for my 2 newfies. Lucy and Lacey. But they both choose to drink out of the toilet. If you dont mind that leave it open and clean. My girls can even open it if it was closed.

    6. My newfie turned 14 yrs old last month. I’ve had him for 12 years. He was in a rescue. Too big or playful or something for his original adopters. Loyal, loving, and smarter than most people I know.

      But the water bowl thing!. He used to spill water over into his dry food bowl. He leaves a drooly trail of water whenever he drinks.

      I just love him so much. He has a little trouble getting around with arthritis. But so do I. I had some ankle surgery and so we both take stairs the same way – with trepidation.

      I’m so worried because I know this cannot last as long as I would like it to last.

      I do know for sure I want another giant black and sad eyed Newfie.

      1. Bless you! We lost our girl (almost 13) in April.
        Not a day goes by that I do t miss her. Enjoy every momment 🐾💛🐾

      2. Hi I had my first Newfie around 17 years ago. His name was Abbott. A year after him we got our second one called her Mollie. Both were 10 weeks age. They were great. Along with our kids we would take them both to our camper weekend. They slept in the camper with us. Bowls inside and bowls outside. They drank out of water bottles. Talk above smart, loveable, still have drool on my ceilings. But who care, I don’t. We lost our female at the age of eight from bone cancer. Died right next to me. Lost annoy a couple of weeks before his fourteen birthday on our kitchen floor. Went food shopping, he was gone when we came home. They are now over the Rainbow Bridge. But they are still with us. And we sleep with them every night.

        We now have two more. Nola will be three in October and Willow, who is our first Landseer will be one November 29th. Nola is 156 and and Willow is 80. They love everybody and we still go camping
        And they came with us whether a week or a weekend. On a seasonal site. As they sa6 on Cheers, everyone knows your name. So do the campers and the kids.

        We also have two cats eight years old. Sisters had them since six weeks old. Their fine.

        I also would never get another breed. They are loyal, will watch over, and we love all of them.

        Thank you for reading my story. Please treat ALL animals with respect. God bless you all.

      3. My mom had a Newfoundland when she was young. She had her hands full w 5 kids (I was the oldest) . Cuz she had one when she was a kid, I figured she’d like one. No kennels near us..(SF) I wrote to several (no email then) kennels. got 1 response from NY .. they had a litter so put me on the list. Luckily I got one, a Landseer. Sent him to us on a train! I showed him a few times and cuz he was the only landseer they handed me 3 ribbons..!
        1 weird thing tho… he never wanted to swim… maybe i had introduced him too late? I tried everything. He’d walk out ‘till he could no longer touch bottom (Lake Tahoe, so no big waves). No more dogs or cats tho 🙁 cuz none of our neighbors have pets any more either. We Must admit it’s easier but I do miss them.

    7. Our newfoundland is a 180lb male and he is only 16 months old. We are historical dog lovers and have 5 miniature dachshunds and have previously owned English Mastiff’s. We so missed our “big” dog and decided to get a newfie when we moved to the lake. Well, he has been the WORST puppy in my life, but at 1 year old, improved 80%, like someone flipped a switch. He is now 1 1/2 years old and is turning into the best dog we have ever had! Kitty is so loving, obedient, and compassionate-GENTLE and amazing. At one point, my husband said, “It’s me or the dog”, and I said, “Well, there is the door.” I love this dog like a person and there is nothing like the love of a newfie. Kitty is the love of my life, and I will never not have a newfie in my life.

      1. If you’ve had a Newfie in the past you know that the first 9/10 months are absolutely delightful. Their cute and playful love able balls of fluff. They also are almost halfway done growing. Then you hit 1-3 years these are the most difficult years in their lives. Their big clumsy and energetic
        9 months – 3 years.

        Perhaps the stage that you hear the least about because it is the most trying stage of a Newfoundland.

        It’s the terrible 2’s combined with the teenage years.

        Your cute adorable pile of fluff now looks like an awkward, fifty shades of brown/black dork.

        The dog is mouthy, clumsy, and suffers from an acute onset of selective hearing.

        You might think that your breeder forgot to add in the gentle giant gene as you watch a 100-pound bear knock over everything that stands its way.

        Your Newfie is now finding himself/herself.

        They are becoming more independent. They are full of energy.

        The only difference between them and any other breed of dog at this stage is that they are MUCH bigger.
        They are extremely impressionable at this time and learning their boundaries.

        While this may be a trying time it’s also the stage where you’re introducing your Newfie to new things which can be quite fun. You’re socializing them. you’re teaching them basic commands.

        You are teaching them how YOU want them to behave.

        This is the stage where you introduce them to water and let them do their thing.

        Towards the latter part of this stage, you might even be introducing them to draft work, therapy work…etc.

        They are a lot of work at this stage and they need to be challenged and stimulated but the work that you put in will be very rewarding in the next stage. TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN.

    8. It’ll be better for your Newfie to have water available IN THE HOUSE at all times. Check Amazon,, Petco, PetSmart…there are lots of options for absorbent materials to lay under the water bowl to tone down the dribble effect a little. AND you’ll get to sleep through the night 😁

    9. They are fantastic dogs. Our went across the Rainbow Bridge October 29th Bella would have been 8 in February.
      She has left a massive hole i our hearts and home.
      I will get another next year.

      1. I have a newfie who’s called Luna, she is 65kg of pure enjoyment and love. I have a Collie and a shepherd and love them so much but owning a newfoundland is a different experience altogether. There is slobber everywhere with my girl, she drinks and the decides she wants to lick me after, spilling her last mouthful on my hand. What amazes me is how gentle and loving she is. My other two girls love her to bits and all three of them make me smile and laugh every day. I feel very previlliaged to be an owner of this amazing breed.

    10. Try a slobber-proof bowl. I bought one from Amazon.
      A mechanically adept person could make a similar bowl with a heavy base to prevent spilling.

    11. Keep your dogs water bowl in the house! If need be put a towel underneath the bowl to keep the water from going everywhere. I’ve had to do this with many of my newfoundlands and Great Pyrenees in the past. Inhumane not to allow them to have water 24/7 in the house. How would you feel if you didn’t have access to water 24/7 in the house next to your food bowl?

  2. Very good Gad.. I would like to copy it for my web site with your permission.. The only thing I would add is, make life simpler and put in a dog door… I also have a lixit in my utility room. put in when the house was built (for the dogs). Newfies are the BEST dog you could ever have…if you are prepared for the committment….

      1. Hey Gad,. I’m loving your blog 😂. It would be great if us Newfie lovers/owners could post pics of our Newfies 🤔?? 😁

  3. Well said, GAD. This time of year scares me to death, because the so-called pet stores will often get a newfie, because the pups are so cute. I cringe if I hear about it, because that baby will probably end up in rescue later.

    When I got Poppy (from a reputable breeder) I knew what I was getting into. She is so worth the slobber and the hair. But she definitely would not be everyone’s cup of tea!

  4. I have owned 5 Newfies since 1985. I also used to do the Newfie Rescuse for Idaho. I can’t imagine having another breed of dog. One of my Newfies, “Buster”, was Certified Pet Therapy dog and use to go to the St Luke’s hospital in Boise, Idaho once a week. The joy he brought the the childern was priceless! I recently loss my female Vivian and am now down to one, a 173lb male name Henry. He is a house dog, as all my Newfies were. No matter how hot the house gets, he wants to be close to his humans. I recently bought new leather furniture and often find him sleeping on it when I come home from work or get up in the morning. I have also gone through more vacuums in the past 25 years than I would like to mention. The vet bills I have spent are soo high. Not to mention you can’t buy a new car without checking to see if two Newfies will fit in it. All in all, it is worth it and we are thinking about getting a new puppy soon.

    1. Lovely post. I got a Newf/lab who is now 1 year old. We adopted him from a nice family and the mother was present as the rest of the brothers. We decided to get him because my 10 year old Golden Retriever is very old and suffers from maul seizures. So when the time comes it will be not so hard on my little kids. Anyways, this new baby that we love so much, was with separation anxiety since day one, when we took him home he cried the whole driving. When I left him to take my kids to school he pushed the baby gate I got him to keep him in the kitchen. He did the house training good, not much accidents. Some chewing when very little but it stopped soon.

      I start the crate training but after 2 months I noticed one day the cage was moved, even tough I was only taking the kids to school. after that day this was very common. One day we came back from buying some groceries and his paw got stuck under the gate and the bottom of the crate. I almost died of listening him crying. Husband was more calmed and help him get safely released. We sold the crate and decided to leave him in the living room. After a month of no chewing anything one afternoon when picking up my kids he chewed my couch, almost all gone. I now leave him in the dinning room where there’s not much to chew as my table is metal with top wood. Lots of toys and those white bones that they eat and also a kong. A friend of mine give me her old but better condition couch but now I am affraid that he will do the same. I wish I can leave him free in the house when we are not home but I am scared he will do the same with this new couch.

      I wish I would it have found this blog before to save some money for trainning school before getting him. Now is too late and I don’t think in give him away as he is so sweet and protector. He is always alert of any weird sound or people around. the past month he has started growling at people or other dogs but people who is not affraid of dogs reach their hand and he will smell it and little by little get closer until that stops. Other people see him so big and barking and they get scared. I don’t know why is he like that. We got a muzzle for when we take him for his walks but he hate it and we don’t want him to scratch him self trying to take it out. Husband is the only one who can take him out now as he pull me the other day into the ground and dragged me close to the road. I take him to the backyard during the day and play fetch. He loves it, and yes he love snow, rain and wind. But with me besides him lol

      1. Please do find a trainer. It’s not too late, and you might be surprised at how much a good trainer can show you. Good luck!

      2. big dogs do big damage…..mine drives me crazy worst newfie i have ever had after 25 yrs of owning them..but i adopted at 6 mos so he is all mine all him to death but he has ben a challenge even for a long time newfie owner…they are very smart and will detect weakness and protect you..they always have you in their heart

      3. The old comment that one cannot teach an old dog new tricks is 100% wrong. It just takes perseverance and love. Having fostered (& failed more than once) senior dogs that no one adopts because they are old and many have behavioral problems, I can attest to the old saying is completely WRONG!

        I know of a simple way to stop your Newfie’s pulling. Get an English lead. Gun Dog Supply has affordable leads in every color and leather. The English lead is somewhat like a choke chain. However the biggest difference is that a lead does not harm the esophagus like a choke chain. When starting out, you can wrap the lead around your backside to get your dog used to healing.

    2. I am a native Idahoan as well and can’t wait to find a bigger place to live so I can have one of these gentle giants as a companion. I am a dedicated pet owner and have been researching this breed for years, however I am only 14 so gotta wait at least 4 years😅😅😅

  5. Well said, and oh so true. Whenever I am interviewing potential puppy people, we always talk about the water deal. I always tell them, they dont LIKE water(smile) I tell them they are obsessed with it and need counseling!!!I tell them they will seek out the mud puddle, run through it a few times, lay in it until all the water is absorbed and then slobber in it to make more water!!!
    Great piece about the realities of owning and loving a Newf.

  6. You’re absolutely right on all counts 🙂 We had to replace the floor in two spots in the house where they’d splashed water out and it had seeped thru the grout/wood and rotted the floor underneath. We found using a low rubber maid storage container with their water (bistro waterers) helps 🙂 ) If you don’t mind having a body as big as your own in the bed, a Newfie might be for you. If not, don’t get one. If you don’t mind a dog whose chin can rest on your counter and take things from it that you leave behind, a Newfie might be okay for you 🙂 The car thing? Yep – mini-van for us.

    When folks ask you if they’re expensive to buy, our answer is usually, don’t worry about the initial cost, worry about the upkeep.

    Hair in stuff? It’s always neat pouring a nice glass of wine and finding a hair in it that belongs to one of the Newfs 🙂 Or that hair in your eye? It’s not yours, it’s one of the dogs hairs. That hair in your sandwich at work, theirs, etc 🙂 If you’re a picky person, this breed is definitely not for you.

    If you’re okay with small stuff like you mentioned…these dogs are worth so much and more.

    1. Whats a little hair and replacing a wet floor. I love your post as I am on my third and fourth newfies now and the kitchen floor needs to be replaced but no money could take the place of the love of a newfie!

  7. Love your blog. Do not have a Newfie but a black lab rescue (maybe he is part Newfie?). Learned lots from your blog that the ton of dog hair that I pick up with the vaccum on a daily basis is blow coat. And yes, when I find a hair (or several ) in my lunch at work, I smile, take it out, think of Bogart (our dog) and figure I got the lucky sandwich with the dog hair(s) attached.

    As for snuggling up to his humans…all 80+ pounds ( I realise this is less than Annie or Leroy) of him join my husband and I in bed..and usually Bogart is there first claiming his spot. What I do find strange though is how he does not give off any heat. The colder the night is (and we live in Quebec) the closer the big oof snuggles between us.

    Don’t get me started on people who buy a dog because he is a cute puppy. A dog is for life not for just the puppy year!

  8. We have a newfie who is now 2 1/2. She has had her moments I cannot lie adn yes she is a mud, water and snow monster and yes I was house proud….ish…. and do I regret my baby noooooooooo way. We have 2 labs, 1 newf and an otterhound and our newf rules our roost and she is amazing and the BEST pets as therapy dog EVER. She has enriched our live and that of others MY ADVICE – give your dogs your TIME, EFFORT AND LOVE and get advive before you buy a good breeder is as good as your best friend… xxxxxxxx BIG SLOBBY LOVE xxxxx

  9. WAY too many people fall in love with that fluffy little creature at 8 weeks – suddenly they grow big and apparently become a burden to people who’re supposed to love the poor thing.

    I have NO tolerance and NO respect what so ever for people who can’t ”bother” to deal with a dog that ‘unexpectedly’ reached 150 lbs. worth of muscle, bone and fur. Treating it bad, dumping it or generally taking your personal frustration out on the dog is pathetic. A dog is a lifetime pal – a best friend that’ll hold you over in times of all needs.

    And even if you treat it like shit, it’ll still come back to save your ass from drowning or whatever trouble you’re in.. because newfies are like that.

  10. You put it exactly to the point! Our 4 years old Landseer is 130 pounds now and it’s a MUST
    to meet the requirements of these wonderful giants and take responsibility in any way!
    It’s our giant no. 4 (before we had Bernese Mountain Dogs) and we shared good times and bad time, but we always did our utmost and would spend our last bugs making their life great. They are the love of my life! No human ever touched my hear like my furkids!

  11. Thanks for posting this.

    I’ve just burst into tears at the picture of the nose shoved through the hole in the screen door. Picture the same screen door once the 80kg male Landseer Newfie decides that if he can get his nose through, he’s pretty sure he’ll able to get his whole self through (and succeeds!) … and multiple that by 6 screen doors (but one very satisfied Newf laying belly up across a three seater floral couch) I miss my Jayman, a rescue Newf no longer with us.

  12. Thank you Gad. It is just too sad to imagine these wonderful dogs being anything more than life-long companions. They are big, they are hairy, they are slobbery, they are messy and they NEED to be a part of your family, so you will be covered by big, hairy, slobber kisses and be messy too 🙂 If you shudder at the thought, don’t get a Newf. And if you just want a big dog on a long chain for security, get security screens – no dog deserves that.

  13. Well said GAD! My Fiancee and I have two Newfies. A 10 month old female (Joey) and a 5 month old male (Jesse). The first pool Joey saw when she was a puppy, she jumped into, in November in New England. The first pool Jesse ever saw, he fell into (I think on purpose), and Jesse regularly lays his head in his water dish on the kitchen floor, scoops water out of it and rolls around in it. They are slobbery, hairy, big, goofy, loving dogs and although sometimes they make me want to shave them, they are our babies and we wouldn’t give them up for the world. I love dogs, all dogs, but Newfies are a special breed and anyone who has spent time with them would have to agree.
    I can’t help but bring dog hair with me to work in my lunch. 🙂

  14. It’s good to have people like you preventing others to flood the animal shelters with their “not so cute dogs”. What an incredible in depth article. Do you know why you are , with now doubt a real fan of this breed? Because you feverishly warn people to not get one, because it might hurt some poor newfoundland dogs in the future. That is true compassion. For me, the sideeffects would not be “wort it” and i certainly could not afford such a dog. Still, i can understand why someone would enjoy a newf. Also, good to hear that breeders are asking so much questions these days…so it’s not all about money!!

  15. Wow thanks! I met two of these shopping with there “dad” at petco was thinking about getting one

    Glad I read this- I would shit a brick over the mess, the couch and be livid about the screen door. I’m an anal clean freak- really glad I found this thanks for writing it. I’m ok with large dogs- just not the shedding, drool, or water thing.

  16. Hi Gary,
    Excellent – would you give us permission to copy this article in our next Newfletter for our members? This is a brilliant expanation of why newfs are not suitable for lots of people .


  17. Hi,

    Can I ask a question? We have done a ton of visiting, reading and thinking about having a Newf and are just about to take the plunge. Just 1 question. We have a large garden pond that has Koi carp. It is robustly covered in drilled down wire mats to stop any of our 6 kids falling in. Is Newf likely to try and chew through it to get to the water? We live very near a river so he will have ample opportunity to swim – but we are a bit concerned about the pond proving too much temptation! Any advice gratefully received!

    1. Mine tried, we had trouts and ducks, but was waaaaaay too slow to catch anything. Only scared them away. Newfs are strong, but lack speed.

    2. We had an invisible fence installed around our property and have a little pond also that proved to be a problem. We then had the invisible fence tech come and they installed it around that, then trained him to stay away from there. It worked for many months until one day we found him in it. lol. Come to find out it was never switched on. Once we did that he has no interest in going there.

  18. I agree with this article because a lady bought a Newfie and gave him up because of his size. The dog ended up in a shelter and then got a new home. Within a month, that home gave him up to bring him back to the shelter. Then we showed up. I have only had 2 Shetland sheepdogs which are small dogs but I showed both of them and train dogs. I am only 14 yrs old but I knew that this big dog needed a forever home. We found out that a lady stepped on him and he bit her but I didn’t care. He needed a third chance. We took him in paying only 200 dollars and love him to death. He is the sweetest dog ever. My other sheltie Abby can nip at him and he could care less. Newbies are a lot of work but are well worth it.

    1. Meagan,. God bless you 👼for your compassion and capacity to love unconditionally at such a young age. And for giving your sadly misunderstood Newfie a forever home and his chance to shine 🐾💕
      I anticipate you’ll have a very bright future 💞

  19. I so enjoyed this piece, we share our home with 2 Newfie love’s and what you say is true. At this point in time we are trying to help a very special family get their Newf home. If you would visit the FB page Stormy The Newfoundland Is Missing and read her story at we would enjoy your company along this portion of our journey……

  20. We live in Australia. Our Newfoundland passed away a month ago, aged nearly 12. The most unbelievably loving, most beautiful creature EVER!! I cannot imagine how any breeder of this dog would supply one of their pups to a pet shop. It is almost inconceivable. If I ever saw one in a pet shop, and I’m confident I won’t, I would go nuts! The grilling that I had to go through before I was allowed to take home a Newfoundland puppy was astounding. It was easier to become a lawyer than to become an owner of a Newf puppy!

    And for the record, our Newf hated the water!! Wouldn’t go near it! He would stand in his water bucket, would not venture anywhere near our dam.

    Great article. Thank you.

    1. I have a female Newfie and she HATES the water also. I have to force her to go “potty” when it is raining and she hates the grass when its wet, not crazy about the grass when its dry either! We have a pool and she has never attempted to go in it! So much for being a “water dog”

  21. My hubbie and I were reading this and crying we’re laughing so hard! This describes our Newfie to a T and we wouldn’t want it any other way!! Newfie love!

  22. ERRR..I was leaving a comment and accidentally pushed send before finishing! I wanted to say that your “so called” rant was SOOO needed. Ignorance about a lot of breeds are what causes the pounds and rescue groups( bless them) to be filled with unwanted animals : ( Thank you so much on your eye opener on this Big Lovable Drooling Gentle Giant Breed. Our Newfie of 11 yrs suddenly died from a ruptured spleen, two years ago : ( £/>. We are just now ready to Adopt another young adult male to give a loving home to. So far no luck finding one. We do not mind a mixed breed as long as the Newfie breed’s traits are prominent that’s most important : ).
    P.S. I DO NOT believe in breeding, and therefore will not buy from a breeder.
    As long as there are shelters and rescue kennels filled with animals needing love, I feel its a shame to do so! ( Just my opinion “rant” ) Thank you again

  23. I have owned a newf since the late 1980’s. They are by far the greatest dog. I have had one bad newf, he liked to bite. But I would never, ever have another breed.

  24. I own one, he’s 8 now! It costs 10K in vet bills… On the first year! My family kept him anyways, and he’s the sweetest dog ever!

  25. Can anyone tell me what temperature is to hot for a newfie. We adopted a 4 month old female from a pet store last week. She was going to be sent to a shelter and our old lab had just passed away from congestive heart failure. I dont mind the giant size, shedding, drooling etc. But I don’t want her to overheat when summer gets here and I can’t find a good ideal outdoor temperature for this breed online?

      1. True. I keep my house at 68 degrees winter and summer via air conditioners for mine. When someone comes in and complains they are to cold I throw the person a thriw blanket.

    1. I have my Newfie girls hair cut VERY short in the warmer months and, well she doesn’t necessarily love going to the groomer😣, but she does LOVE her hair cut short. My understanding used to be that their fur coat helped keep them cool…bullshit !! I was also told that by shaving their hair, it wouldn’t grow back…again bullshit. Shop around for a groomer!! I have been charged $125 to groom her, and a different groomer charged $60 for same cut 😏 Black draws in heat, so if your Newfie is black or Landseer (my girl is Landseer) they overheat easily. WHEREVER you go bring water for her and most importantly…I DO NOT TAKE MY NEWFIE IN THE CAR TO RUN ERRANDS, OR WHATEVER if temp is =\>80°. And always park car in the shade with window open and water available!!!! If temps hot PLEASE leave her at home, no matter how much she wants to go with you, because she can’t make those decisions, it’s up to you to be the compassionate, loving, responsible owner 😁

  26. You have made a very sad and desperate person laugh tonight. MMy husband and I have been crying our eyes out the whole weekend. Our ten yr old Newf named Oshi is buying time on a bad rear…hips, knees, and spine….our vet came out to look at him and said basically ” whenever you are ready” . We will never be ready. I love him so much my heart is breaking.
    You all made my sore cried out eyes and headache a little more tolerable. We have mad e every adjustment to our home as possible….from ramps, braces, slings, extra grip carpets, dog grip shoes, meds…and now we face then inevitable.
    I can totally relate to the vaccumes and hair( broke the clutch on the dyson 3x), flingls drool like raw egg whites nearly 10 feet, we have no screens, he has wanted to stay outside in rain, hail, blizzards, hurricanes……we have a case of dog towels.
    His sister is a 15yr old Welsch Corgie named Tootes and a Tabby Carmen who love him.
    I wanted to,share a poem with you all that is with my dog pics

    ” Dogs are our link to paradise.
    They dont’t know jealousy
    Or discontent.
    To sit with a dog
    On a hillside
    On a glorious afternoon
    Is to be back in Eden,
    Where doing nothing
    Was not blring –
    It was paradise”.

    Milan Kandura

    1. Will Rogers, America’s beloved 1920’s-30’s cowboy philosopher and humorist, also a dog lover, once said, “If dogs don’t go to heaven, then when I die I want to go where they are.” That about sums it up. We take very good care of our dogs, and have been fortunate that ours have lived until past 12 years old. It is so hard to say goodbye, but we know that someday we will see them again, in a place with free-running rivers, beautiful wilderness lakes and meadows full of good smells…

    2. I did the same thing, put a ramp on my stairs just for my first who had a hip dysplasia and two rear acl operations. Yes expensive dogs, but worth every penny. This guy had a heart of gold and was especially good at cheering people up. I’d go through the vet bills and vacuums, theres nothing like the heart of a Newfie.

  27. Sometimes I find it hard to express just how much love I have for my Newfie Frank, it’s goes to the core, these dogs just get you under the skin until every part of you wants to make life the best for your fur baby. I have 3 human babies and Frank is just the best with them, I truely believe he makes me a better mum. He chills me out looks after the kids and makes me a better person. The love they give you is second to none, to be honest my house looks better for the drool splashed up the walls, fur on everything, cream carpet no longer being cream and the trails of black along the White walls where he rubs himself along them, the sofa smells better when a Newf gas been lying on it why….because he makes me smile evey second of every day he makes me feel calm, warm and loved in a way no other dog could make you feel, he is my soulmate. The last post made me cry, I struggle to think of the day he won’t be here what will I do….I don’t want him to go to the bridge he will hate it without us and we will hate it without him. These dogs are not the next big fad or a purchase on a whim if you really can’t commit to them for life please please don’t get a Newf it will break them and the thought of a broken hearted Newf breaks my own heart, they are special to special for words and I consider it a privilege to share my life with one…..I am lucky to have him not the other way round and not a moment goes by where he doesn’t remind me of that fact.

  28. Right on. We are on our 3rd round of Newfies. All have been special and have lived long lives. Current pair are 6 years old and best friends. One from a breeder and the other from the Canadian Newf Rescue League. Awesome ORG. They have trained my wife not to be a neatnick. She has given in to living happy with fur and drool. The only woman to put up the seat on the magic water fountain. So it won’t be wet when you sit down.

  29. I have always wanted one of these beautiful dogs but I have been smart enough to know that I was not the right person to own one. Although I love all my fur babies I just would not have ths time or room to take care of this dog. But I can love them from afar.

  30. Excellent/Awesome/Profound/Shooting-straight-from-the-hip/Informative/Notice
    Thanks for posting this. Over 20 years ago I rescued two separate Landseers from deplorable situations. 6 yrs ago I rescued a highly-emaciated and suppliant girl Newf and she returned the favor by being able to “read me” and become my Medical Service Dog. However, although we were a “marriage made in Heaven” – a sudden, ugly, and uncontrollably active carcinoma caused her to take her trip over the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, December 15, 2015. She was 9 2/3. I had her 6 1/2 of those years – the best years of my life. Her breeder and my friend’s breeder and friends are trying to find me a female adult Newf as I am “house-bound” without my canine companion. Everyone is searching for Val’s “Christmas Miracle”. God bless you for posting this. They think they are so cute. They have absolutely no idea of the joint commitment: you to dog and dog to you. I do! Praying for my next BEARdog lady. Val Frost – Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA – NEWFS RULE Thanks so much, again. x

  31. We are on our 3rd Newfie, all AKC-registered and all “low mileage, previously-owned dogs” that we rescued. We love the breed, and only wish we had at least one more, preferrably a Landseer female, as my wife’s Dad had one when he was a kid on the farm in Wisconsin. Beauregard, our current boy, is now 4, 180 pounds, “dry-mouthed”, and we have been his people since he was 13 months. We live on the edge of a quiet university town in the Idaho Panhandle, are only a block from a park where we can walk and run Beau, and we have a large tree-shaded, well-fenced back yard with a garden and small orchard for him to relax in. He also has the world’s largest doggie door so he can go in and out whenever he feels like it. He is a family member, and the love is mutual. We have a good friend with 2 Newfies, a boy and a girl, who come over for playdates every week or so, and the three of them have a great time. We love the breed…

  32. Have had two Newfs for more than a year. Fozzie Bear is a 175lb male with a male attitude. He hears you when he wants to, does what you want him to do if he thinks it’s his idea, knocks you over by leaning on you so,you can give him a back rub, slobbers, allergic to dairy products, is totally bonded to my wife, loves to lay out in the rain & gets excited when he gets to ride in the car or go for a walk in the woods and doesn’t like to be used as a footrest. Rosie Rosebud is a 145lb female with spinal stenosis, responds to hand signals, lays at my feet so I can use her as a footrest, loves to ride in the van we had to buy to haul 320lbs of Newfs, and she is the most lovable dog I’ve ever had. She is a true friend. Vet bills aren’t outrageous, grooming costs $200 every time they have to go in, and she only slobbers after drinking water. Both dogs are “Rescue Dogs” and a true joy. We made a lifelong commitment when we adopted them and will be heartbroken when we lose them. They were 7 & 8 years old when we got them, they came from loving families and were not abused but were neglected. I can’ think of a better breed to have as a lifelong part of the family.

  33. I love dogs! Any! But the dog to me Newfoundland. Whoever is with me now is my third nyuf – Amaretto. 1986 – 1992 I had the Dark, my first nyuf, which, saazhlenie died of parvo. 1988 – 1997 us was my only girl nyuf – Erie. Then Bulgaria was complicated and I do not have a generation. I not got another dog until 2010 when Amaretto came to me. It was 1 year. Very funny! Bought by kennel license FRS, transferred through several families with many problems. There was no knowledge of life in the city and in the home. There was no hygiene habits – three days after they took it I had to leave him alone for an hour. When I returned I found him lying on the coat of my daughter, which was removed from the rack. The problem was not that he took off his coat, and it was a dick and ….. off his coat, covered white with him lying on top. I guess he knew that made trouble and tried to hide it. Many laughed then. We live in an apartment in the city center three – 12-year cat Maro, 6 annual Amaretto and me. The walls are pores with washable wallpaper, the floor is wood and marble, everything that can hurt him is stowed in lockers. Anyway, you have continuous two year old child. But this is irrelevant because Amaretto with me. Nothing can replace such a relationship – a man – Newfoundland. I found that I prefer to have a walk than to watch TV, I prefer to read, or I’m on the computer when it is up to me and I can at any moment to caress, to look into his eyes and could feel his incredible love. For this love can not put up with dirty walls and chewed furniture and fur everywhere.
    Please excuse my bad English. Use the Google translator

  34. Congratulations for perfectly describing life with a Newfie, and as a Mom of one big boy…I love every minute. I was smiling and agreeing the the article, laughing and thinking “oh yea”. But for all the work, my man is the love of my life. He is a gentle giant, thinks he is a lap dog and fierce protector. Can’t imagine life with out Tank the lovable Newfie in our house.

  35. I rescued BUBBLES in July 2009 – highly emaciated and suppliant. In the past 6 years she has become the strongest, most loving, and best dog I have ever had. A beautiful black purebred NEWFOUNDLAND girl who came to me at 3 1/2 yrs of age, in dire need of someone who could “mend” her. As she became healthy, she was “reading” my system and warning me of my attacks and helping me through them. In March of 2010 she became my own personal Medical Service Dog. We were widely known and loved by everyone who watched her diligently working each and every day beside me. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA. On Dec. 15, 2015, a sudden and fast-acting cancer in her mouth and esophagus, cutting off her airway, caused me to send her to Rainbow Bridge. I am on pension and am now looking for another Newfoundland adult female who, once again, needs a good and loving home. You did the Breed Proud, sir. I am now hoping and praying for my new Newf rescue/rehome girl. Val Frost – Thanks for being an ardent fan of this most Magnificent Breed – The NEWFOUNDLAND.

  36. I saw this posted on Facebook so thought, as a Newfie owner of many years, I’d have a read. It is brilliant, I have sat here chuckling knowing exactly what you mean!! But I wouldn’t swap my Newfs for anything, no matter how much mess or destruction they cause!!

  37. I live in the Orkney Islands just north of Scotland. I have my third rescue Newfoundland and I couldn’t be without one.
    My new house has wood and tile floors, especially designed for Newfies.
    I got Clyde at the beginning of January and he is a 66 kg (10 and a half stone) brown bear who is as gentle as a lamb. He loves water, mud, snow and makes a complete mess of the house.
    Everyone that meets him just loves him. I still have the slobber traces of my first two Newfies, I wouldn’t clean them away for the world.

    1. Fun!! My mom (RIP) was from Scotland. I just never got around to it…Did get to go to Cuba w a group tho…. long time ago. I think part of it has opened now for tourists.

  38. Love love love this…I have wanted a newfie for as long as can remember I have always had shelties and currently a black lab we are proud new parents of our first newfie all I could do while reading your article is smile giggle and think I can’t wait for all this to happen. She is now 3 months old enjoying the snowy new england weather we couldn’t be more in love. I say bring on the drool hair and total hot mess she will become over water puddles and mud it will never make me sorry she is here!

  39. I could not ask for a better dog than my Newf, Chewy. He is almost 12 and is the sweetest, gentlest boy you will meet. He has gone with me to visit adults with developmental disabilities on a weekly basis for many years. They all love him there. Even though we bring Chewy to the ocean every year, he refuses to swim, but he will lay in the rain all day. One thing that nobody mentioned, was that if you get a newf, you must be prepared for constant attention. People have abandoned their cars in the middle of the street to run out and see him or get a picture. Everyone will stare and ask if you are walking a bear. People don’t know my name, but they all know his! He has posed for more pictures than I can count. Like others have mentioned, they can be very destructive. He ate our stairs, our kitchen table, the chairs, the wall, the windowsill, many remotes, a camera, went through a bunch of screen doors, but he outgrew that phase pretty quickly. He was 165 pounds by his second year. I can’t imagine having any other dog with my family.

  40. Hello in the span of 40 years plus my father has cherished 5 Newfoundlands Dennis Ben Sam Emmett and we rescued one we renamed that was a show dog that a 14 girl owned her parents let her buy that didn’t even know his own name no doghouse no where to run and was left alone on the weekends un feed and a good friend told me about him my dad had a difficult time getting him to learn to eat properly, he was Benny love at first site as it was always when he looked at each one when he had them . Owners have to be loyal as this breed is totally they two are like your shadow . If you train them right and give them proper bones to chew they won’t destroy your home they will warm your hearts and you will never want another kind of breed . Yes they are big and there hearts match their size . My father never owned his newfies he cherished them hair and all!! Buy the right tools combing never hurt anyone ! I could write a book on the life and times of these Gentle giant at my dads home . The truck rides the fishing trips the Dairy Queen treats and egg nogg on xmas mornings etc… ! Benny passed a couple of weeks ago it isn’t the same when you pull up to my dads home no big woof ! Thank you !

  41. Me and my wife have 3 kids all girls age 5 9 10 thinking about getting one. We have a golden retriever now that is just so sweet. The question is my yard has a fence yard about a half acre. Would that be enough space for this giant. There is always somebody home at all times so the dog will never be alone. He will stay inside till you wants to go outside . Looks like the dogs have a lot of medical problems is that the case.

    1. To those who have their dogs on a chain or tie out, stop it. Take your dog to a dog park, walk them, bring them in the house and play with them. What good is a dog on a chain in the back yard?

  42. I inherited a six month old Newfia few weeks ago. A youngcouple with a 1 year old child, lived in town, had him. Guess they decided the dog was too much for them. So I took him. I do live in the country, but I keep him in a large fenced in area. Trouble is he has very bad manners. Not sure how much they worked with him, but apparently not much. I can’t control him, he jumps on me sad smacks me in the face. And, when I get him out, I put him on a 30 foot lunge line to get more exercise. Of course, he has pulled me down several times, Jerking me. He even runs toward me like he is trying to attack me, very aggressive, jumping on me and trying to bite me, rather aggressively. I’m very confused about him. I’m afraid zip
    I’m going to have to find someone to takehim. I’m afraid he is going to hurt me. But I’m very particular who will get him. Im not going to let him go to just anyone. It’s going to have to be someone who knows newfound lands. I know this is going to be difficult. Any suggestions.?

  43. I had a Newfoundland from January, 1986-June, 1998. He was the sweetest dog, especially when it came to little children. He could be a mess, but was very good company and protection. Ours preferred to be outside (3 acre parcel). We would walk him 3 or more miles a day and take him to the rock quarry to go swimming, as well. Someone was outside with him 12 or more hours a day. He is very missed, even 18 1/2 years later.

  44. We love our new Newfoundland/pyrenees puppy. We love big dogs and do not mind the hair. They are gentle loving dogs, best ever!!!!

  45. Thank you so much for this post!

    I don’t own a Newfie (yet) but I have been longing to have one in my life for so long.

    People keep telling me it’s a bad idea; “You don’t know what you’re getting into.” “That’s dog is too big.” “It will ruin your stuff.”

    I just lost my very large rottweiler over the summer… this dog rode my couch like a surf board 4 feet into a corner and broke my favorite shelf! His punishment? I took that dog to the park…. because, if he felt the need to run through the house fast enough to that the cough took flight when he jumped on it, clearly he had energy to burn.
    When he spotted all over the place and then shook his head spraying dog snotty-drool all over himself and me? I took out the package of wipes I always kept in my pocket for drool-occasions.
    I just watched a bunch of Newfie-related water disaster videos with my husband- puppies sitting in their water, dumping it, etc… we laughed. We laughed so hard and then talked about water-containment protocols to at least keep the water in one place while we chase the dog around with a towel.

    More importantly… we have no attachment to our belongings. Even the new stuff. If the dog broke the TV we’d have an “Aw crap” moment and then plan on when we replace the TV.

    Newfies aren’t for everyone. Large dogs aren’t for everyone…

    I’ve done my research. I’ve had a super high energy dog in my house….

    I’m ready. Every article pointing out the down sides only makes me excited to look forward to experiencing them.


  46. I actually bought a dog food stand and my Samson’s water and food are up off the floor about a foot now. This has made a huge difference for water all over. He still drinks then walks away with half of it in his jowls so that is still all over the floor and into the kitchen but it made a BIG difference.
    Love my newfies! I’ve had two so far and on my way to getting another. Can’t have just one! 🙂

  47. I love this article. Its all so true. With several newfoundlands in my house I know all of this all too well. All but 1 of my newfoundlands are down right obsessed with water! They must stand in the water to drink it. One sticks her entire head in the water to take a drink. Every time she drinks, sometimes even the top of her head is soaked! Then of course she comes straight over to me to let me know! Another girl, has to lay down in the water just about everytime we go outside. With a dog pool, a big pool, and a stream next to the house, theres just no stopping it. And if it rained and there is a mud puddle or just mud, its calling her name. We will be running around playing and ill think, “ok awesome im ready to go in and we are clean and dry”, then she vears off on our way inside and lays in a puddle of mud water, then jumps up and runs to the door! Oh no!
    Just wanted to add something…
    I have a large family. I am the second to youngest of 7 children, with 4 of my sisters and one brother having several children (and i have 3 as well). My parents and all of my siblings except my oldest sister, who has several newfoundlands as well and the second oldest who has a newfoundland mix, do not like big slobbery dogs. They do not like coming to my house and some of them down right refuse to come over!
    I am very sensitive about my newfies. I love them like my children. Be prepared to grow a thick skin if you dont already have one! If you cant imagine your best friend not wanting to have coffee at your house anymore, dont get a newfy. If it would bother you to move the family bbqs to your cousins house because nobody likes giant dogs all over them, drooling on their feet as they are eating, dont get a newfoundland. Family that used to stay at my house when they came to visit, now stay at my parents. After refusing to lock my dogs up when visiting, some friends and family have stopped coming. But that’s ok, because these dogs are family to me. They are my children. They are the most fantastic breed ive ever had the pleasure of owning and ill always have my house full of them!

  48. The first time I met a Newfy, I fell in love with the breed. I wanted one so bad. But I did a lot of research on the breed. I found what they were bred for. They helped fisherman, since they are good swimmer, webbed paws. They would haul carts of fish up the steep cliff trails. Far as I know, these dogs have saved more people than any other breed. They are extremely friendly, especially to their owners and are also protective of their family. I talked to people that bred them for show dogs, and how much they exercised them to keep them in shape. But as much as I loved the breed, I knew I couldn’t properly care for one if I bought one. So I just admire them from a far. But they are truly one of the best of the big dog breeds. To the people that have them and also from the comments from owners I am really jealous, and happy that you tell the truth about them so people will know how much care they need, so they just don’t go out and get one without knowing what it takes. All pets need proper care, and no one should get a pet without knowing how to care for them. I even bought books about them, but realized I couldn’t properly care for them. But they are still my favorite breed of dogs.

  49. I never planned on Buddy my Newfy. I was going home from camp and cut threw one of the state parks. It was late Oct 2016. In the woods next to the campground was this big beautiful dog. He was living in the woods because someone dumped him. I tried to get close to him but he always went the other direction from me. I had my cooler with lunch meat and leftovers in it from camp so I put it in a bowl that someone was feeding him with. The next weekend I went back through the park and he was still there. I brought him some boneless chicken breast that I had leftover. He ate it but again would not come near me. A lady who works at the park stopped and asked me if I was trying to catch him. I told her yes and she informed me she had been feeding him but did not want him she already had several dogs that people had dumped at the park. This went on for several months finally in the beginning of March 2017 after I had given up hope of ever catching him, the lady called me and said the park ranger would be calling me that he had the dog. He called and we set up for me to go there the very next day to get him. The park ranger and his wife had him in their yard and when I pulled up he picked up Buddy and put him in the back of my SUV. We went straight to the vet and we had to pick up his hind legs and wheelbarrow him in on his front legs. He would not budge on leash. Of course he was heartworm positive. Started the pretreatment right away and got him through his treatment a total of 3 months from start to finish. He is a pretty calm ole boy the vet put his age at about 4, wasn’t to very difficult to keep him calm during treatment. What brought me to this site was his shedding by the handful. So I guess this is a normal thing for these dogs. I can deal with it. I love this dog so much and wouldn’t give him up for anything. I have had shelties in the past they shed but not like him. Right now I have an aussie, a Pappillion, and a cockapoo and Buddy the Newfy all indoor part of the family dogs.

  50. Dear GAD,
    Bless you indeed for most of the rude parts of being Newfie parents to fend off the faint of heart and uber clean freaks! I fell in love with a big slobbering Newfie at a dog show while I was in law school and could barely afford my own kibble! When I managed to save enough to buy a lake home 10 yrs later in 1989, and then get a job where I could work less than 100 hrs a week, from home most days, I couldn’t wait to find a dog who would love our lake house, my step kids, and walking the miles of lovely lake path, swimming off the pier, and hiking in the snow with us.
    We found a 10 wk old male Newfie pup . Bosco was an angel riding home in his new Dad’s arms and they both slept/ snuggled in a fur blanket without mishap as I drove home 4 hours with kennel, bowls, toys, food waiting as well as an old mechanical alarm clock and a hot water bottle….. My preparations were all in accord with the breeder’s advice and my prior life as a farm kid. It was a challenge for a few weeks, but hilarious.
    We’ve never looked back in nearly 30 years and great joy with Newfies. We are searching now for a pup or young dog as our current bears are both over age 11. Both current dogs are rescues, one an AKC brown female we got as a surrender to our vet at 14 weeks, and the other a black male we flew to Chapel Hill, NC to “re-home” when he was about 8-9 months. The male’s AKC papers were not provided as promised, nor were his health records, or those of the poor old supposed AKC female (dog heaven now) we also adopted from the same rotten prior pet parents at the time . We call Noah a “Newfangle” , as he is mostly Newfie, but way too tall, skinny, high hipped, and maybe part hound… We don’t care, and love them without qualification. I agree that I can’t imagine giving up my cats or dogs to anyone but family and friends whom we have reciprocal agreements with in the event of a tragedy. How do you give up a family member to somebody you never met?

    God Bless you, and keep up the good work!

  51. What a beautiful post! Love when people think like that about an animal. I love every living thing. Really good info I want a dog like this big, I love to play with them and roll in the floor. Thank you for sharing this hope people understand and consider all this before they buy a dog 🐶

  52. At one point between mid December 2017 and Mid January 2018 we had 5 full grown Newfoundlands 10 week old puppy and her 5 five week old Newfoundland Cousins. The older pup just went her new forever home and we still have 2 of her younger of which will be going to his forever home soon…so relatively speaking things have calmed down much in the past few days. Needless to say one of the full grown Newfs is the mother of the pups a champion and a first place in Sweeps at American Newfoundland Nationals 2016, one is the grandmother of the pups a champion, one is an aunt of the pups a champion and a first place in Regionals and Nationals at the Canadian Newfoundland Specialty Show 2013 , one who just turned a year old and getting ready to show and will be in this year American Newfoundland National Specialty show and was just in the last Canadian Newfoundland National Show and had some wins and will be showing in the upcoming Connecticut River Working Dog Show in Springfield Massachusetts. We enjoy them.

  53. Thanks for this post. We kept falling in love with Newfies we were seeing on rescue sites and started to research the breed. As beautiful as they are, this is one of the posts that helped us realize that they aren’t the dog for us.

    1. As a 2 time Newfie Mom, I so appreciate your sensibility and respect for the breed in making the horribly hard decision that a Newfie is not a good fit for your lifestyle. They are such amazing dogs and deserve only the best from their human companions 🐾💕. Thank you for your approach in being a responsible dog owner 👏😇

  54. My Newf boy is 15 weeks old and he is our first. We love him and laugh watching him play with our 2 German Shepherds. I am used to grooming dogs, I’ve also had Alaskan Malamutes so I’m familiar with blowing their coats. He had his first slobber over his nose yesterday and I had to laugh. He’s learning his commands and learned the invisible fence quickly. I can’t wait to see how this guy turns out. I do see us getting another one in a couple years. My 18 month granddaughter just loves him and I’m beginning to see what all the Newfy fuss is about.

  55. We got a newfie st Bernard Cross. He is 20weeks, looks like a Landseer but definately a big lad. I owned a golden retriever before who did everything without asking, he was my shadow and I still miss him. I watch this one and just laugh probably to keep my sanity. The Kitchen floor is tiled, when he is finished drinking I often think he forgot to swollow, the waterfall cascades from his mouth as he walks away. He drinks about 5 bowls a day. You know what, I’ve seen worse. He loves a cup of tea and finds he usually gets one when he shares his loving slobber perfectly delivering it into your cup. He gives you his paw for a bit of whatever you are eating, wow what a heavy paw. He loves being a lap dog, loves the car the sofa and loves everyone, everything and gets his fair share of 24/7 love and attention…. What’s he got now is a common phrase. What a dog.. A true dog lover looks at the positives most of the rest he can’t help but his undividing love wins all.

  56. I have always wanted a newfie. I have a three legged border collie, a lab mix a wirehaired Dachshund and an Amazon parrot all rescues. Now I have a Newfie German Shepherd mix also a rescue (I fostered 5 pups and failed with one lol) . Dear Lord he is more trouble than enough. The water, the water, the water i thought the collie was bad. I wouldn’t trade him for the world what a personality. one day I may have a full newf. I will likely adopt mine though. its so true I have worked in rescue for years. people have no idea what its like to have a large messy dog in the house. I often tell people “no we have no puppies, what we do have is a lot of former puppies who still think they are puppies, they will make mess, destroy stuff and require lots of time, attention, exercise and training not to mention monetary outlay. If they live through that and are still willing I may after a lot of research and discussion allow them the utter messy joy of one of my fosters. a dog is an individual with so much love to share people should ever be so lucky as to be chosen by a dog. its a life not an item.

  57. I love my newfi who is 8 now and still full of energy. She had environmental allergies and it’s constant grooming. I wouldn’t trade her for the world that I even slept in my car for 2 months and boarded her during the week till I found a place that would rent to big dogs. She comes first.

  58. I absolutely love Newfs. They are my one and only slobber fest of happiness. They drool, they love on you, they even lick your tears away when you’re feeling down. So what’s not to tell about a Newfoundland? Well, the occasional “Cat Got Downstairs and Newton the Newfoundland Tried to Play With Him” stories and the uncured ham sandwich in your lunch when you notice a strand of your all black dog’s hair (or Landseer and brown newfies) in your ham. I have one myself. He’s about four years old and constantly on us about giving him little tidbits of our food. I don’t, of course, but when I take him over to other people’s houses, they always give him food but of course, don’t know that he’s giving them his fur in their food and drinks. Though they are a slobber fest, I do love them. My mom claims she name Newton after Fig Neuton’s and my dad and I claim we named him after Sir Isaac Newton. So there’s a little rivalry there. Newfoundlands are stubborn sometimes too and can be inside dogs, and that’s what my lovable Newton is.

  59. I’m not sure what is it about Newfies, but I love mine more than any other dog I have ever had. When we first got ours, he (Roscoe) right away discovered the pond in our backyard!! His favorite thing to do was to stand in the middle of the pond, ignoring the koi swimming around him, while soaking up as much water as possible into his double layer coat, Roscoe would then run as fast as he could into the house launching himself onto our hardwood floors sliding through our dining room then past the living room before crashing into the wall near our front door!! There were literally about 2 large buckets worth of water that fell from his coat soaking our floors like one long slip and slide!! Clean up was just as fun because playing with the clean-up towels became part the routine, and proved to be futile since as soon as towel play was over, he went right back and got into the pond starting the process all over again!! He was in a Newfoundland’s idea of heaven, needless to say by the next summer there was a fence around our pond!!

  60. As I was looking for some Guild Factory updates
    (I followed LTG for years) I came across your Newf post.

    We bred and showed them for close to 20 years
    here in Southern California. Had 6 adults at one time, and everyone got along, most of the time.

    Our last guy passed on 6 years ago at almost 13, which was not unusual for our lines. I found that if you watched their diet, weight, and exercised them regularly some of the health issues you see don’t arise.
    Do I miss the slobber hanging like stalagmites or the fur balls? No, but when I’m going through a drawer in the kitchen and come upon a collar with a name tag with “Max” or “Tuff” reflect on how unique and wonderful the dogs were.

  61. I have a 3 year old boy, weighing at 60kg. He drives me nuts, but love him to bits. My kitchen floor is constantly being mopped, although I have placed rugs on it, yet he manages to always find the tiled bit. My kitchen cupboards get a makeover at least twice a week if raining with a lovely splatter pattern, mixed with that velvet touch just like fur and smudging. Hair is everywhere, he is not allowed upstairs as too steep and steps narrow, yet it looks like hes had a good roll round the entire house. Hes lazy, I mean very lazy, peeing he can’t be bothered to cock his leg properly, so feet wash daily and belly weekly, oh and trimiming of said feet and belly monthly, otherwise he stinks of it. Grooming now heres the fun part, brush once a week, rake monthly takes around 4 hours and plenty of carrier bags. Groomers every 3 months for good wash and pamper. Comes back looking like new, only lasts a day at a push maybe two. Walks arghhhhhhhhh, every mud puddle ends up looking like the swamp thing, spend 3 days hoovering up dried mud, beach hmmmmmmmm loves the water, at least he’s clean, sand for another 3 days, car looks like we brought the beach with us. Drool not too bad, accept when he comes for cuddles and leaves you with sopping wet patch on your pants, nice. Final touch it’s raining outside but he wants out, to turn round to find him laid in it, no coaxing gets him in. Nice fussy eater, looks at you to say, not that shit again. His first words, that he learnt were “will you f…ing shift” wherever you want to be, guaranteed hes laid there. Want to get in a room, but there’s a doorjam there, its comfy and won’t move. Get used to seeing the privates as well as akways on his back baring all to the world. Got to love them though.

    1. Forgot to add, got to have a car big enough to house the bear and his brother the frenchy. Hoover’s well put it this way, you need shares. They love our company, personal space, hope you don’t have any as no concept of it, just at right height to cause embarrassment you know what I mean. Longest my boy has been left is 3 hours thats shopping. We go, he goes, holidays as well.
      These beasties are so worth it, we all whinge and moan but we love them really. Unless your prepared for all this, maybe not the dog for you. So from Bert the French and Ernie the Newfy. Have fun.

  62. We have two dogs. A black Newfoundland named “You’re So Vain Carly” Carly is actually just her nickname, but that’s what we call her. Also have a St. Bernard named Ryder. Ryder we got from a St Bernard rescue organization. He is so willing to please and just lovable. Carly, our Newf, we got from a breeder at 3 years old. She was a show dog and won a major towards her championship, but at 2 years old she became pregnant with 10 pups. They had to perform emergency surgery and spayed her. She is now a working certified Therapy Dog. Took me about a year to train her and me.

    I take her to shopping malls, the beach, dog friendly restaurants, casual walks, and on hot days to Home Depot where its air conditioned. They love her. Wherever we go, she is the center of attention. We barely get 10 feet without more people wanting to pet her, take pictures, and ask questions. She is so gentle, and children just love her. I just love sharing her. Obviously, I love the attention.

    I’m asked all the time, what is it like taking care of a Newfy. Well, the dogs are not allowed in the living room or on the furniture. A well regulated diet is a requirement. I brush her every other day which takes maybe 5 minutes of my time and a deep combing once per week which can take up to 2 hours. One day I was combing her out while sitting on the porcelain tile when she stepped over me and laid down. I was pinned. Besides having to follow her around at times to comb her my back would be killing me.

    Bought a grooming table. To save her hips and elbows, I bought steps for her to get in and out of my Jeep SUV. Medicine is more expensive because of her weight. Baths are more expensive, and I’m sure all of you can cite other examples of costs.

    Yes, big and giant breeds cost more to maintain. Everyone here shared other “downsides” to owning a Newf. All in all however, I don’t even blink at the drool, shedding, grooming, costs, time, mess, etc., because one minute with her is precious. What’s more I have seen improvements in my life such as patience, that to me are valuable, all because of my Newf and Saint.

    So if you are considering a Newf or a Saint. Then read Gad’s post and threads. If you have decided a Newf or Saint is not for you, then this blog has done its job and we all understand. If however you decide on getting one, and can put up with all the above, congratualtions!!! Your life will be blessed in amazing ways.

  63. The heart breaking, sickening thought is someone mistreating or neglecting a Newfoundland dog. And no breed is more loyal, devoted, and loving. Pets are not for everyone. That said, I consider myself an immaculate housekeeper and superior homemaker. It’s what I do for a living; I’m a home maker for the lifetime of my family. So I buy flour sack white towels from Walmart; they are cheap, always at hand, and used for bibs, wipes, napkins, etc.; their limitations are endless. Each night the used ones all go into the washing machine disinfected – just flour sack towels [and my aprons] – and then the dryer for the next day. They are great for wiping walls, the ceiling, fixtures, and where drool has landed, a bit of vinegar and water will get the drool off glass framed pictures and TV screens, walls and furniture. I use a clean one each moring for my Atticus face that he loves to have washed; same with our cat. There is nothing more satisfying to me than having dinner ready for my family and sitting with our Newfoundland dog Atticus, Mary-Agnes [our Amazon parrot we adopted from a Nun], and Lucifer-Judas our feral cat all in harmony with a DVD. When our Newfoundland boy Atticus was a year old he shook his head and his drool landed on the chandelier over the dining table, that then dropped into my husband’s mug of beer at the dinner table. We were all wide-eyed. My noble husband failed to acknowledge the mishap, so dinner and typcial conversation proceeded and the matter forgotton. It was only when dinner was over, I realized my husband’s glass was empty. When I think about this, I realize it’s about respect and tolerance. As I read these posts, love is respect first. Our pets are our living, breathing responsibility – little difference from one’s children. They are dependant on us. GAD points out well the requirements, pros/cons, in owning a Newfoundland dog. My husband reinforced respect and tolerance to his three son’s that day; these tennants come naturally to him. Moreover I believe any one who values a clean home can make this happen with a Newfoundland in it; it’s called discipline. Most humans get up every moring and clean ourselves, this needs to be done to pets as well. The house should have limitation for all members, pets notwithstanding. Daily training and constant reinforcement is what we do for our children and pets alike, right? We love our children and it comes naturally for us to figure out what they need, and the same should automoatically apply to our pets who are part of our family, correct? So buy a floor mat and put the water bowl for constant need 24/7, or like mentioned here designate a clean toilet. Several times a day, wipe the water off the floor, just like you would wipe a table after eating or drinking. Or flush the toilet periodically for clean, fresh water throughout the day or night. Now I like a cup of tea, and just this morning at a ritual when Atticus came to join me for breakfast with his morning treat, he shook his head and drool plopped right in my tea cup! So I took as much drool out of my cup with my finger and a napkin, and yup continued sipping! I then was greeted with a big black fur head with remnants of dog treat on my clean white apron, giving me morning lovies, and Mary-Agnes was repeating good morning, and Lucifer-Judas is always curled up cozy still sleeping on the accent chair nearby. Now this is pure heaven on earth. Oh, several aprons join the flour sack towels in the washer every night, and it’s said routine is good for all living things and the best teaching device. In the corner of my kitchen, bedroom, TV room, and seasonal room I have upright vacuums gracing the corners, plugged in. I cover some of them when guests arrived, but usually we need to use them where they’re here, lol! No pet or child of mine is permitted in the work area of my kitchen when cooking and baking is taking place. But I simply can’t help an occasional stray hair or flying feather finding its way to the dining tables. It’s life, deal with it. I guess my point here is it’s really not complicated – simply this: when you have a child or introduce a pet into your home, life as you know it has changed. Assessments are needed and change is required – and your mind should know these living creatures are forever their lifespan; and this is called responsibility. Thanks Gary!

  64. I admire your article on why to NOT buy a Newfie, very well said !! Just a few thoughts I’d like to add, that most people don’t consider when taking home a giant breed…that is most medications are dosed and then priced according to weight, including flea/tick prevention, etc. My Newfie weights in at 150 lbs. That gets very expensive very fast !! The cost of taking my Newfie to be groomed is $125 every 3 months !! Also, if you plan to travel with your Newfie, your choices become VERY LIMITED. Unfortunately, due to ignorance, most vacation rentals that “allow” dogs…have a weight limit. I take my baby girl everywhere I can because she is family. But it’s always a challenge finding vacation rentals that will allow her 😞😣 This also applies to people who RENT instead of own their home. If you rent and there is ANY chance you will move during the life of your Newfie, good luck finding a rental that will allow a giant breed dog. Unless is mandatory they stay in an outdoor kennel. And if you agree to that… you can kiss your Newfie goodbye because he/she will die of sadness and loneliness 😭 All a Newfie demands of you is to be included in whatever it is you’re doing 💞 My Landseer Newf “Buoy” all 150 lbs of her is the love of my life 💕 She’s now 10 yrs old, but still acts like she’s 2 yo. How time goes by on a blink!! I’ve been very blessed 🙏 that she’s been healthy throughout her life 😇 And I do agree as mentioned in this article that…If you have the capacity to love UNCONDITIONALLY !!! And can appreciate that the love of a Newfie is more valuable than a piece of furniture or the extra laundry you’ll be doing, etc…only then may you find that spending your life with a Newfie will be one of the most rewarding, memorable, hilarious, loving experiences of your life 🐾💕

  65. To give you an idea of a Newf’s sensitivity: We got our dogs from a reputable breeder. When Teddy Bear (male)was only four weeks old, he crawled out of his pen and went to Sugar Bears’ (female) mother and nursed on her from then on. (They are not from the same sire – no relation at all.) We went to purchase and pick up Teddy Bear. Sugar Bear cried and cried, so we couldn’t in good conscience separate them. My wife decided they were mates in another life. They took us immediately into their “pack”, and are the kindest gentlest animals ever created. They are wonderful with children. If they do something to make a baby laugh, they will do it over and over until exhausted. Bred originally to take care of children (the Landseer Newfundland in the nursery in the play Peter Pan), if they see a child in their care doing something dangerous — INTHE DOG’S OPINION! — such as climbing a tree, they will gently grab the miscreant by the seat of the pants and deposit them back on the ground. Playing fetch, the dog just sits there and thinks “well you threw it, go get it yourself”. Slobbery, tracking mud, shedding, sure. But you will never have a more sweet, loyal, brave and attentive companion.

  66. Oh my gosh I loved this so much. Our Saint Bernard died not too long ago and we are looking at Newfies. The couch thing made beer come out of my nose. When our Baylor was a puppy he literally chewed the top off of 1/3 of the couch. Started to scold him and hi just looked up like ya, I did it…sorry. I really miss that big guy. I’m assuming the drool from a Newfie is similar to a St. Bernard. I think he was able to drink at least 1 gallon of water for every 2 that were on the floor. I’m tearing up just thinking about the big goof ball.

  67. Great read on Newfs..I have two Roy and Maddie. Roy is now three and a half Maddie is 8 months old and a very busy girl. My entire house is a dust bowl…they bring the mud in with them, but then again they created the mud spilling their pool or 5-gallon bucket of water when outside.

    Roy is our insane drooler…we call em Roy loogies! If you are visiting me, know this…Roy and Maddie are kind enough to let me live here with them. LOL This is really their home.

    This breed is not for everyone, in fact it is not a breed for most people. But for me, it is the only breed..I love the messes, the wrestling matches, the mud, the water, the water the water….and most important I love the love they give.

    This is a very smart breed and very nosey….be mindful there are no secrets with these guys around.

  68. I blundered on to this site while looking for a Newfie/Border collie mix. While i type this I have Maggie next to me. Yes she is a Newfie/Border collie mix. She is the best dog I have ever had. She is in the last days now. The fun that we have had, the love that she has given can not be beat. She is very intelligent. She senses my moods and when she thinks it would be helpful, she will come over and lay down beside me. One of your posters mentioned their Niewfie soaking in their pond and ignoring the fish. When walking Maggie at a park we passed a creek where a fish splashed. Maggie then saw there were a number of fish swimming in the creek. The border collie genes took over and she went in and tried to herd the fish. The fish out swam her. When she got out, a lady who had observed the action said “that is the biggest border collie, I have ever seen”. Another time I led Maggie into the back yard to do her thing when she looked over to her pool. It is a Walmart kiddies pool. The attraction was that there were two deer drinking from the pool. That was her pool. When I placed Maggie into the run and removed her leash. Before I could close the gate she was out and in fast pursuit of the deer. Maggie in hot pursuit. There are many traits to admire in a newfie. But deer chasing should be left for Deer hounds. It was at least two hours before a very tired Maggie came back to the house. Since then, deer can walk in front of Maggie or through our backyard and Maggie just ignores them. I’ll miss that big mutt.

  69. For the Love of newfies!! By far the sweetest most caring animals in the world. They look into your eyes as if they can see right to your heart. Agreed, they are not for everyone.. patience is DEFINITELY required in the 1st year, and then all of a sudden, totally awesome! Raised water dish a Must, mostly because it helps them digest better, and less all over. I have had 5 since 1988. I’m on my next 2 who now are 3n half. They have eaten things like drywall and flooring. Why?? can’t say enough about the big hugs they give, so needed at the end of a work day. Being a mailcarrier I’ve seen just about all the breeds. They are my ROCK. Love your giants and all the Humor they provide…but LOVE all animals it’s so short!

  70. Dude I love how expressive your thoughts are on Newfoundland dogs. HOWEVER. Our 2 shelter adopted newfs & 1 champion AKC fully registered Newfoundlands are the only reason that my husband and I are alive. We won’t even survive in assisted care without their assistance. THEY ARE NOT JUST SERVICE DOGS they are rescue dogs . My hubby is an amputee with brittle diabetic issues since Vietnam. And has heart issues that haven’t been remedied with surgery, then the cancer. HIS 2 NEWFOUNDLAND DOGS WAKE HIM WHEN HIS IS IN INSULIN SHOCK. THEY DETECTED HIS CANCER BEFORE HE TESTED POSITIVE. I will gladly eat hair for the work they do. My champion Chelsea alerts me regarding SEIZURES before they happen and watches me while I sleep and when my heart or BREATHING STOPS. SHE STIMULATES MY LUNGS & HEART UNTIL I AM ALERT. I lost 1/3 of my brain to a stroke and have Parkinson’s. They can poop and eat furniture if they need to. I am training a new rescue newf to work our local hospital. OUR NEWFOUNDLANDS ARE THE BEST DECISIONS WE EVER MADE. THESE DOGS HAVE A LOVE FOR US THAT YOU CAN’T BUY OR PUT A PRICE ON. TRUE DAILY LIFE SAVERS. When we fall they alert our family and have dragged me to safety multiple times. These are Our Most Supportive Family. We don’t make any decisions to do anything without considering how our Bear, Lilly and Chelsea.

  71. Stumbled a cross this I am from England and have been raised with Newfoundlands and pyraneans all are rescued however have taken a more newf preference I love these dogs one of the newfs had a habit of stealing things and burying them It took me a year to find my favourite leggings and the pond is the best thing ever to the latest newf sweethearts hollie and t-bow and as they are covering every surface in muddy pond water they are so proud of them selves they always make me smile even through the hardest of times and I know some people may disagree but I would always rescue a newf as for me I’m giving these beautiful animals a chance for acceptance for there giant and slobbery ways so they know were not all bad

  72. We adopted a small dog about 18 months ago from an elderly lady we knew who was dying (and has now died). While we were thinking about getting a dog, we met a few absolutely gorgeous Newfoundlands and she suggested we get one.
    I think they are absolutely fantastic dogs. They are beautiful, friendly, cuddly dogs but they are more work than we can manage and our house is not big enough for a such a big dog.
    Whenever I see one, I always go to say hello (and they are always friendly) but I’m glad I can walk away and go back to my little dog, who is hard enough work as it is.

  73. I’m picking up my 2nd Newfie next week, my side kick passed away last November at 9yrs old. We had a life adventure together, she went everywhere and always by my side. I miss her terribly. Newfies are the best breed and they are alot of work but the rewards are priceless.

  74. I have had two Newfoundland mixes in my life, both with Australian shepherds. The first one was 130 or so. My sister yanked his hair when she was less than a year old. He didn’t bite, bark, or scratch. He stood up. That dog taught her to walk.

  75. Loved this article, but it hasn’t deterred me at all from wanting a Newf of my own! I’ve been a golden mom for 29 years, and am accustomed to big dogs (admittedly half the size of a newf!) bathing in their water bowls, rolling around in the mud, and slobbering mouthfuls of water over whomever they’re trying to kiss. White furniture was never an option! I live on the beach, and am used to sandy, wet dogs jumping onto my bed after a long, tiring swim in the bay. Your account of having newf-parenting has just affirmed that this is the dog for me!

  76. I hate this topic. Newfie’s have been the center of my heart for half of my life. I understand the whole pond in the kitchen and they shed and drool a lot but they are gentle with kids and wouldn’t hurt a fly. These people should actually spend time with there neefies and give them love. This topic is stupid and I’m done with

  77. I think it’s important for anyone who wants any of the working breeds to realize they were all bred to do a job, with their abilities as pets a minor consideration.

    Back when the Nephie was developed as a breed, the men who devloped them needed a dog big and powerful enough to swim in the North Atlantic Ocean. They all needed a dog who could rescue a lone fisherman who went overboard, but still so gentle the dog wouldn’t try to keep a catch of fish to eat, and kind enough to watch over a child at home onshore when the fisherman’s wife was helping her husband with the catch.

    They needed the same dog to be smart enough to be a good cart dog who could pull the cart that took their catch to market, and to behave itself around the strangers who came to buy their catch.

    All those human needs created the breed, and they’re not so important in humankind nowadays. The dog hasn’t changed though; all the traits that were bred into the breed are still intact, and still there.

    Their sweet nature makes them good pets, but anyone could take a Newfie to a boat and row it out, and the dog would know what to do once it was out there. Their instincts are all fixed and settled.

    GAD understands this. While his dogs are all inside dogs, the breed itself is so well specialized, it’s heavy coat, which was bred for as a desirable quality, might make a dog who spends most of it’s time outdoors year long could become too hot indoors.

    There’s nothing at all wrong leaving an outdoor dog outside, as long as the dog has a comfortable dry bed that has some wind shelter. Such dogs are very comfortable outside as long as they are dry and out of the wind.

    I was raised on an Idaho ranch; my family always had 2 or more dogs, all a part of our family. Most were workers, and a few were house pets. The workers were always a mess, so they were allowed into the kitchen only, while the pets had free range in the entire house.

    Newfies slobber and slop water around. Cow dogs don’t. They go find a fresh cow pie to roll in. That’s a different kind of mess to contend with for people.

    In human terms, the pets were less esteemed than the working dogs. They were the dogs who didn’t have the working dog’s abilities. The lack didn’t make them any worse as pets, but they were never very good workers.

    The very same puppy that makes a good working dog can make a fine house pet if it’s never turned on to the joys of herding cattle.

    The dogs always accepted their roles in their lives happily. We all gave them lots of love and attention, even if some had to sleep on the unheated back porch, while others got to sleep elsewhere. The pets knew who was the boss outdoors, and the outdoor dogs knew who the boss was in the house.
    As long as they all got what suited them and all the attention they needed, everything else was just the order of the pack to them.

    As I’m writing, my own cow dog is sleeping under my feet. He’s a house pet, so I’ve taken care not to turn him on, but if I ever needed him to herd some cattle, he would learn everything he needed in one day, spent with a good working dog as his teacher. And then, he would never be as good a house pet again.

  78. Newfoundland dogs absolutely need to be protected from the heat and direct sunlight in the summertime. Cold fresh water available at all times. The dog can not regulate body temp without free access to water. My dog prefers to be where I am always and her preferred place is down in the shop area. It is kept at 67 degrees year round, she loves it down there. She has rode with me for years dump trucking and in there instead of water she gets a bowl of ice cubes. There’s not a day go by that she don’t get her bowl of icecubes. It is a ritual now. But the water, 5 gal tub In the shop, always the giant bowls are kept full upstairs. No toilets water but if a pile of coon shit is outside she will scoot in it lay in it. The swim pool, her introduction because our pool is topside using a ladder to get in , was me picking her up and heave ho and in we go, I’m right there with her as she swims and gets cooled off. Then it is assist her out . She tells me what she wants. And she is the closest friend to me on the face of this earth and I would walk through fire to save her or die trying. That’s what Newfie love is. Or our version of it. These dogs are more personable than most any other breed, can’t stand the thought of one suffering. And no preparation have I ever found that will stop the grief of one day being without her, nothing will help explain away the pain I know will come one day when she gets old and passes. It will never seem fair. But to give a great home to another in time

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