Annie and the Bananas

Lauren was cleaning and found a piece of a banana stem where there should be one. She went to check on the bananas in the bowl on the counter. Can you guess what she saw?

No bananas.

The entire bunch is gone. Nothing else disturbed on the counter, and no other signs of the tasty fruit to be found. The bananas are hard for the kids to reach, let alone a big dog who thinks she’s a cat. I seriously cannot imagine how she could reach them without destroying everything else on the counter.

Original Newf-Net Post:

Evil Annie

Original Newf-Net Post:

You want to know why there’s no updates? Because we spend all out time watching Annie. She is, to put it delicately, mischievous.

Lauren says she’s “naughty”.
I say she’s EVIL!

A partial list of things she’s destroyed thus far:

A Wii controller
Numerous carboard boxes
A beloved Nintendo DS-Lite game
A beloved book
Another beloved book
A camera case (for small cameras)
Numerous water bottles
A bicycle helmet
A “wedding bear” from our wedding (15 years old)

She has figured out how to open the “dog proof” garbage, and enjoys searching for treasures while were not home – and sometimes when we are!

She doesn’t just put her nose on the counter, she jumps right up and digs in.

She ate ALL of the Valentine’s Day chocolate I got for my kids. She was fine. BTW she had to get on the counter, then open three containers, then foil wrappers to get to the goods.

BTW she acted like a LUNATIC for about four hours thereafter. She was like the road-runner on speed.

She knows the rules. She simply ignores them. She’s jumped up on the counter right next to Lauren while she’s cooking. She’s grabbed for the expensive universal remote while I was watching. She gives me this look of complete disdain from time to time as if to say “I know you won’t beat me, so &%*#-you.”

She is LOADED with personality. She’ll walk by me and just jam her nose into me – for fun. She runs circles around poor Grimace, and bites his ankles when he’s not playing.

She is a 100% certified pain in the ass, and we love her to pieces.

We’re trying to come up with something to get her mind more engaged, because she’s clearly bored. I told Lauren that we should let her do crosswords…


Annie’s Thanksgiving

Original Newf Net Post:

Annie had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the in-laws house.

There she met new friends the crazy labs Molly and Mo

ose. Molly and Moose are flight risks, so not only do they have a normal chain link fence, they have an invisible fence perimeter within the physical fence. Annie quickly learned that if she ran to the physical fence, the other dogs would just stand at the invisible fence and bark. Clever girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Annie and her friends enjoyed some wonderful leftovers, and Annie slept like a log when she got home. Before we could leave though, we had to take care of something.

Here is a picture of pretty Miss Annie before… the hosing.


Annie Has a Voice!

Original Newf-Net Post here:

Annie was curled up on the floor near Lauren as Lauren checked her email. Without a thought I went outside to get Annie’s crate so I could set it up in the bedroom. I pushed the button for the garage door opener and was startled by WOOF! WOOF! WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF!!!!!!!

This girl has not made a sound except for a bit of a whimper, and out comes this bark! I’m impressed. I love a loud Newfie. I don’t care if they lick burglers and home invaders and other ne’er-do-wells, but I want my dogs to put the fear of God into anyone who tries to come inside.

We gave her heaps of praise after being flabbergasted.

She’s here maybe two hours and she’s protecting the pack.

She’s a keeper.


We’re Getting a New Dog!

Original Newf-Net post here:

Yup, it’s true, and it’s all because of Newf-Net.

It’s been two years since Cozy died, and just over a year since Daisy died. I told Lauren that I’d never be ready to have another dog. In fact when she asked me I pretty much became a sobbing mess.

Still, I don’t like the house without a dog, especially when I’m not here. We decided to look into Saint rescue, and we submitted an application online. Sadly we never heard back after repeated emails.

Lauren has a habit of trolling PetFinder and sending me links to dogs she deems worthy. She sends lots of links. ๐Ÿ™‚ This time she read a post on NN and sent me a link.

For those of you who read the Rescue forum, you know about Annie from this thread, the 5-month old pup being fostered at the South Central Newfoundland Club. She sent me to the page, and told me to look at dog#29. As soon as I got to the page I saw a picture and thought “now THAT’s the dog we need in this house!”, then scrolled down to find dog #29. I found out days later, that the pic on the front that I liked so much *is* dog #29 – Annie. Here’s the pic. She’s the furry one. ๐Ÿ™‚


Lauren saw the posting, went to the website and (she swears) mistakenly sent a blank email to them. The responded immediately with a “did you mean to send a blank email?” and the conversation started.

We had to get a home inspection, and since we’re 11 hours away, we had to have someone local do it. Turns out we know the breeder well, and she came today to inspect us. We passed. We then took the kids to the breeder’s house to romp on the kitchen floor with her eight or so puppies, most of which go to their new homes this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

The last email today started with you’re 100% approved. ๐Ÿ™‚ We now have to get this pup from Indianapolis to NJ.


So here’s where I ask for your help. Lauren will be driving out to Columbus Ohio to meet the rescue person. She will be driving out Saturday, staying overnight, meeting Annie in the morning, then taking her home on Sunday.

We know nothing about Ohio, and would like some input as to where to meet, where to stay and so-on. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, the irony of Annie is not lost on us. I did not allow rescue posts for a long time on NN, though I did allow them from NCA recognized organizations such as SCNC. There were times that we considered not allowing any rescue postings at all. Annie, the NN mod, left in part because I changed the rules, and now this dog, also named Annie, is coming to us through a rescue posting on NN.

If not for NN, we would never have learned of Annie. I would also probably not have injured (possibly broken) one of my fingers while fixing the fence, but there’s nothing ironic about my stupidity. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re getting a new dog!


Audio Test

I loved the happy noise she made and called it โ€œpurringโ€. Iย  even recorded it a few times.

I wasn’t really scratching, and I wasn’t just rubbing, so I dubbed these special treatsย ear scritches. No one else seemed able to rub her ears just the right way, so when she wanted it done s