Cozy Tales: 40. Daisy’s Bloody Nose

With my life as an international drug smuggler behind me, I spent most of my nights studying for my next try at the CCIE exam. On one such night the kids had been put to bed and the dogs were eating their dinner upstairs. I could always tell when they were eating because the hardwood floor was directly above my office, and since Cozy’s eating had never been a gentle affair, the large stainless steel bowl would rattle and scrape against the floor while she devoured her food. Daisy was more demure when she ate, having no doubt been schooled in the art of fine dining. While dinner was loud, it was brief, so the distraction never lasted long. This time though, the sounds of Cozy eating were interrupted when Lauren called me with that it’s an emergency tone.

“Come here now!”

As I turned the corner running up the stairs, I saw Daisy with blood pouring from her mouth. I ran up the remaining stairs, where I saw pools of rich red blood all over the floor, my wife with a blood soaked towel, and Daisy, sitting in front of her with blood all over her face, dripping onto the floor.

In a panicked voice my wife said, “She was eating and just started bleeding from her mouth!”

I pulled one of my insanely bright flashlights from my pocket to look carefully at Daisy, who was still losing blood at what appeared to be an alarming rate.

I opened her mouth which was filled with flowing blood. She looked like a scene from a horror movie. If I didn’t know Daisy better I’d have wondered if she’d just killed someone. After wiping the blood away, I didn’t see a source, and realized that the bleeding was coming from her nose. As fast as I could wipe the blood from her nose it would fill up again. It was then that we noticed that Daisy was also snorting that something’s in my nose snort.

Seeing the blood continue to flow, and thinking that there must be something lodged in her nose, I figured she had inhaled a piece of kibble (or worse) while eating her dinner. I went to look in her bowl with my light, and found a glucosamine capsule, half dissolved in the bowl with the powder missing. We routinely gave the dogs glucosamine to help with their joints. Had she inhaled a broken capsule? Did the powder from the pill cause this?

Just as I was ready to pick Daisy up with some superhuman adrenaline-induced strength, she stopped snorting and the blood stopped flowing. Just like that the emergency was over.

We decided to hold off on the vet call since without bleeding we figured they would just tell us to monitor her for a few days like every other time we had called. Daisy quickly returned to normal and seemed none the worse for wear. Poor Cozy was sitting in the living room looking scared so we invited her over. She sniffed every drop of blood on the carpet, then sniffed Daisy thoroughly to make sure she was OK. Cozy then sat right next to Daisy and refused to move. Her solidarity was really quite touching.

Lauren did call the vet the next day and took Daisy in to see him. He looked around but found nothing and as expected, his advice was to monitor her, and have her X-rayed if it happened again. His feeling was that it was likely either an inhaled foreign object, a dental problem, or a tumor.

She had had no fights, no blows to the nose, and no apparent trauma whatsoever. There was no way that she could have escaped our fenced-in yard, which was devoid of excitement, so except for ruined pants and a slightly more ruined carpet on the stairs, life quickly returned to normal and the whole scary event was forgotten.

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