Jayshree Ullal and I Talk About Arista Warrior

Arista Warrior Book
Jayshree Ullal, President and CEO of Arista Networks, approached me after I spoke at the Arista Customer Exchange in Santa Clara, California and asked if I would like to make a video about my book. I figured it would be a fun adventure, so I said yes.

Here is the resulting interview.



Thanks to Jayshree and everyone at Arista who helped with Arista Warrior. The book is now on sale and can be purchased at Amazon.com, O’Reilly.com, or bookstores that carry O’Reilly books.
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2 thoughts on “Jayshree Ullal and I Talk About Arista Warrior

  1. Dear Mr. Donahue,

    I hope you won’t find this message too personal or time-consuming, but I have been researching Arista Networks and I am anxious to learn more about you as “The Arista Warrior” and learn about the business!.

    I have been doing a lot of research into Arista, from reading the prospectus, to watching many youtube videos with Jayshree Ullal, Ken Duda, etc., Glassdoor reviews, earnings transcripts, etc. all with the objective of understanding what Arista is like as an organization (i.e. what is the culture). Some of Ken Duda’s talks on YouTube have provided fantastic insight, as have Glassdoor reviews.

    However, I’m only a finance undergraduate who spends his free time researching companies and posting research at my blog “Neto’s Notes”. I am not an engineer and therefore I struggle to fundamentally understand the extent of Arista’s competitive advantage in the hardware or software it sells.

    Given that, it would be terrific if you could spare me some time so that I can ask you a few questions in order to get a good overview of what Arista does.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Miguel Neto

    PS: I posted a comment here because I couldn’t find your e-mail address.

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