Gary A. Donahue

Gary A. Donahue (GAD) is a working consultant and writer who has been in the computer industry for almost 30 years. Gary has worked as a programmer, mainframe administrator, Technical Assistance Center engineer, network administrator, network designer, and consultant. Gary has worked as the Director of Network Infrastructure for a national consulting company and has been the president of his own New Jersey consulting company; GAD Technology, L.L.C. He currently works at Arista doing all sorts of traveling and training.

Having spent a great deal of time writing documentation for clients, Gary learned that it was this part of the job that he most enjoyed. After writing a successful book on Networking entitled Network Warrior, he has dedicated much of his free time to writing. Gary has written Cozy Tales, a book about his beloved Newfoundland dog, which has not yet been picked up by a publisher. Many of the stories about Annie in this blog are being assembled into a book entitled Tales of a Butter-Licking Ferret-Dog. In June of 2011, the second edition of Network Warrior hit the shelves. In October of 2012, Arista Warrior was published by O’Reilly.

Being a teacher by nature, Gary enjoys the process of imparting new-found understanding to others. Gary has taught Tae Kwon Do, Photography and Astronomy both informally and professionally. Being someone who disdains boredom, Gary has many hobbies including amateur radio, astronomy, bicycling, computers of all kinds, gadgets, guitar, hiking, home theater, martial arts, photography, SCUBA diving, chess, and competitive shooting. Many of these hobbies are reflected in the reviews written on this site. Gary is the owner of the Newf-Net Newfoundland Dog forum and is the author of the Newf-L F.A.Q.

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A note regarding reviews: Product reviews on this site are the result of me buying the reviewed equipment off the shelf or online. In the event that a vendor has provided a free sample for review, that fact will be plainly stated in the review and the vendor will be informed that I will post my true feelings, whatever they may be. Come to think of it, that may be why I don’t get many free items from vendors to review.