Cozy Tales: 34. The Canoe

My wife’s brother’s wife’s parents (my brother in-law’s in-laws) owned a nice chunk of property about 10 miles from ours. Though we enjoy our two acres, they had over 30, including their very own sizable lake. We had a standing invitation to bring the dogs to enjoy the lake, which we did from time to time.

Cozy’s favorite pasttime was saving sticks thrown into the water. The ones that were lost were quickly forgotten like last year’s iPhone, causing me to wonder at the veracity of all those stories of Newfs saving people. (more…)

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Cozy Tales: 33. Stones

Cozy had always had a problem with Urinary Tract Infections or as those hip to the lingo call them, UTIs. Female dogs squat when they pee, and we had been told that UTIs could be a problem for them, especially if we had tall grass. Since I was working in the city and rarely got home before 7:00 p.m. to mow, poor Cozy seemed to get them constantly.

We had taken her to the vet’s office repeatedly and each time fed her the required antibiotics which fixed her right up. This time though, they did not seem to help. The vet suspected bladder stones, and needed to X-ray Cozy to be sure, so the vet and techs took Cozy from me and led her into the back room by her leash. I watched through the little window in the door where I could see Cozy looking back at me, panicked and afraid. She didn’t want to leave me so she struggled a bit with the vet, and by struggle I mean refused to move. The more she fought them, the more concerned I got, and the more I pressed my face up against the little glass window. (more…)

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Cozy Tales: 32. Graviditas Redux

I remember Lauren calling me at work and inviting me home for some fine lunchtime lovin’. I can vividly remember sitting at my desk at the ISP and getting the call, and I can vividly remember the surprise and wonderment at finally getting said call. You see, Lauren was fond of telling people that pregnancy was a nine month up and nine month down affair, meaning that while it took nine months to grow and deliver a baby, it also took nine months for a woman’s body to return to normal. Here it was eight months post-partum and I felt like I had won the lottery.

I also remember sitting on the couch with Lauren some time later reading an alphabet book to Meghan. We were the picture of family togetherness. Meghan would stare lovingly as I’d turn the page and read the words with happy Daddy abandon. (more…)

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Cozy Tales: 31. The Trash

One fine Thursday not long after the spoon incident, Lauren put Meghan to bed as she did every night. From the time we brought Meghan home, putting her in her crib was a pretty simple affair because she was a good baby who would sleep soundly soon after bedtime. Though there was plenty of pre-bedtime reading and changing and such, bedtime proper was perhaps a ten minute task. Upon her return to the dining room, Lauren found the trash can tipped over and the elegant miss Daisy sitting on the floor chewing on the carcass that had previously been our chicken dinner.

Thanks to our obsessive research regarding all things dog, we knew that cooked chicken is dangerous for dogs if it contains bones. While a raw chicken wouldn’t bother them, the bones get brittle when cooked and cooked chicken bones, when chewed by a dog, can splinter making shards that can cut them up internally. This was a situation that we calmly categorized as not good. (more…)

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Cozy Tales: 30. The Spoon

Lauren was sitting outside on the deck enjoying the summer breeze while Meghan played with the latest high-tech toy: a pot and some wooden spoons. As Meghan happily sat on the deck banging the pot with her spoons, the dogs lay lazily about, content to be with their family on such a fine day. Meghan didn’t seem to care that her drum set wasn’t being advertised non-stop on the TV, nor did she mind that these were last year’s spoons. She was as happy as a kid could be, making noise and having fun.

Young children are naturally very good at some things. Banging pots with a wooden spoon is one of them. Making poopy diapers is another, and let me tell you, when it came to this particular skill, the kid was a pro. Noticing that the pro had scored again, Lauren scooped Meghan up and headed inside to clean her up. The dogs evidently decided that they’d sniffed enough diapers for one day and remained contentedly in the sun. If a loaded diaper wasn’t reason enough to disrupt a snooze of this caliber, nothing was. Or so we thought. (more…)

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