Ultimaker S5 Material Station Review

I have an Ultimaker S5 as my only 3D printer, and it was a substantial investment for someone who doesn’t use it in a business environment. When I got it I desperately wanted the Material Station, but it was just too damn expensive, and that’s on top of the printer’s price which was also too damn expensive! I did buy the Air Handler, though, because my home office is small and I’m not a fan of breathing microparticles.

After a year of owning the S5, I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Material Station. These are my impressions as someone who paid their own money for one and who’s actually used it non-stop for a couple of months, along with some of the things I’ve learned that surprised me due to none of the marketing material or paid reviews having covered them. (more…)

3D Printing a Guitar

If you’ve read any of my posts or even books, then it should come as no surprise to find that I am an immense nerd. As a nerd, I find anything having to do with technology or engineering to be quite fascinating, and to that end I got myself a 3D printer. As a guitar-playing nerd, one of the first things I wanted to print was a guitar.

Clearly I did just that, but does it play well? And how’s it sound? Read on while I take you through all the details of how I 3D printed this colorful and very ’80s looking plastic Strat that — spoiler alert — plays and sounds just like a Strat!