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Fly Fishing
My good friend John called me one day in 2005 and asked if I'd like to learn Fly Fishing. It seems he had a pre-paid class for two and the other person backed out at the last minute. I agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fly fishing is a whole lot of fun for reasons that escaped me until I tried. The easiest way to explain it is that bait fishing is like trapping where fly fishing is more like hunting. When fly fishing, the goal is to out-think the trout, which is surprisingly difficult!

There are a lot of aspects to fly fishing; cool gear, conservation, goofy hats, trips to beautiful rivers and so-on. The most important aspect of the sport to me is time spent with good friends. I mean it takes a couple of true friends not to tell each other how rediculous they look when posing for a picture...


What fishing is really about - Nerds with funny hats!

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