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Computers and Computing
My Dad bought me a TRS-80 model III (4k mem with no floppies!) when I was 17, and its gone on from there. Computers were the first subject that ever held my attention for more than about 20 minutes in school. It was also the first class I ever got all A's in. Geek? Me? Nah...

Yes, I programmed on punch cards. Have you? Nothing like waiting 24 hours for your program output huh? What? Forgot to put a "//" at the end of your JCL? Bummer, 24 hour wait again! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you've probably never seen a keypunch machine either.

Yeah, I remember when computer rooms looked like they do in black and white movies. OK, so maybe not when there was only black and white film, but I sure remember rows of 9-track tape drives. Core memory? Way cool. Next time your Multi-Gigahertz Pentium seems slow, think about running your program from a stack of cards on a Univac. Terminal? What's a terminal? Your output's on the printer with everyone else's.

These days I spend most of my "computer time" working on networks using Cisco routers and switches. But not on punch cards...

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I learned to program using Hollerith punch-cards

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