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LevelHead's Stupid Mistake

LevelHead's SWS project

My Stupid Mistake

Ruptured 9mm Case
This is what happened when you get careless. The Sig P226 in 9mm has a magazine that fits and locks into the P229 .40 S&W. The 9mm round will fire in the .40 S&W chamber, but the case will rupture with possible dangerous side-effects. BE CAREFUL!

This was a federal 9mm Hydra-shok case and is nickel coated (hence the color). Note the bulge in the case where the shell expanded to fit the chamber. The gun fired, but made a sort of "pffth" sound making me think it was a squib.

Be ever vigilant with guns. Let my mistake be a warning to you! This scared the CRAP out of me. It re-inforced the care in which guns must be treated. It was an honest mistake, but one I will NEVER make again. Thankfully there was no harm to anyone or anything other than this case. I've posted this as a reminder to myself to be ever cautious.