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As promised, here's more pictures.

Well fur fans, this is the puppy we picked, or as one person put it, this is the puppy that picked us. When we first got to the breeder, I sat down to unpack my camera. Katie (The pup's mom) loves us and gives us plenty of nose-nudges to remind us that we should be petting her. As I sat down, this pup was at my elbow nudging me with her little puppy nose. Who picked whom? You decide...

O.K., so this isn't a puppy. It's Katie, the pup's mother! Isn't she beautiful? I thought she should get some web-time seeing as she did such a good job with these puppies.

Hey, why not one more of Katie and one of her pups. You gotta give her credit. Imagine if you had 6 kids at once - and considered yourself lucky because that was half as many as you might of had! Whoa! It's a dog's life my eye.

Now being tested in Northern NJ, the Newf-proof camera bag. Initial testing indicates that the bag is indeed drool-proof, and the strap-to-bag stitching can withstand up to a three puppy assault. Further testing is pending, however results thus far are promising...

Is this a Newf head or what?

This is actually the other puppy we were considering. I think she has the most beautiful face (when not having been fully dipped in the water bowl, as is shown). Still, I think the other puppy wants to come home with us.

This picture cracks me up every time I see it. So far, no picture I have taken says "Newf Puppy" like this one. Is this puppy smiling? Confused? Curious? All of the above?

Thus endeth this installment of the Newf puppy page.

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