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Well, I finally got these pictures developed, so as promised, here they are.

Is this cute or what? This adorable puppy just melts my heart every time I look at this picture. The litter contained 6 puppies, two males and four females. We get first pick of the females, but as of yet we have not picked, so the puppies on this page vary, with none favored over the others. Yet.

In this picture you can barely make out the white blaze on this puppy's chest.

This puppy seemed to really enjoy my sneaker. A particularly vigorous pull is shown here. Again note the white blaze on this puppy's chest.

Cute? maybe just a little...

Newf-puppy-eyes. What a cool color!

Vigorous sneaker-tugging requires vigorous napping!

These puppies were born on Aug 3, 1997. These pictures were taken at six weeks of age. The puppies weighed 8 pounds at the time (One was 10!)

Sometimes you just gotta let it all hang out! This puppy seemed to favor this napping position.

Note the white tufts on the toes. The breeder feels these will grow out.

Play, sleep, play, sleep, play, sleep, play, sleep, play, sleep, play.

It's enough to make one work up a puppy sized thirst!

Thus endeth this installment of the Newf puppy page.

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