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On February 1, 1998, we took into our home, the very lady-like Daisy. This page shows Cozy on her last day as an "only" dog, as well as some first moments with Cozy and Daisy together.

Cozy, lying alone on the living room floor, totally unaware that her life is about to change forever. Her look reflects our own ignorance at the grand changes coming our way.

We made sure to play with Cozy outside for quite a while before going to get Daisy. We wanted to make sure that she knew we loved her, and maybe wear her out a little too. Is that a tuft of fur on her head or devilish horns? Nah...

Not the best picture I've ever taken, but the look is one I see all too often. This is the "If you loved me you'd play with me" look. I could play for hours with her, and when I go inside, she picks up her ball and gives me this look. It breaks my heart, and she knows it.

Daisy got home and was quite a bit uneasy. Cozy of course wanted to play, and harassed her to no end. Daisy mostly ignored her, in such a way that reminded me of royalty ignoring a servant. Poor Daisy needs time to adjust, and Cozy has never been so excited. This pictures was what Daisy endured again and again. Cozy barking at her.

Cozy and Daisy trot off to enjoy their new life together leaving us to wonder what adventures await.

Thus endeth this installment of Cosette's page.

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