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My Cozy is Famous!

My Cozy is famous!

A few months ago someone emailed me from the Army Corps of Engineers asking if they could use one of my images. Interestingly enough they wanted to use an image of Cozy for something they were doing for the Bicentenial of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The picture they wanted was from this page. I said sure and insiseted only that a) I get credit and b) I get a copy of whatever they produce.

Months went by and I had completely forgotten about it all until one day when I went to get my mail and discovered this interesting item in my mailbox. I of course wondered what dopey mailing list I had landed on to receive such an odd thing, but decided to bring it home instead of throwing it out like I normally would.

Upon getting home I showed it to my wife wondering aloud why I had received such an odd thing (I'm really not all that smart at times), when she grabbed it screaming Cozy! Cozy! Being convinced she had simply lost her mind I let her have it and stepped back ever so slightly.

She quickly flipped through it and found the page with Cozy's picture, which you can see for yourself here. The pamphlet is really quite beautiful, though I'm not sure where someone would obtain it. at any rate, now (assumedly) thousands of people will know that a Newfoundland Dog is a dog that looks like Cozy!

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