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My darling Cozy and the lovely Daisy enjoy a day at the park. A dreary rain soaked day in which normal folks retire to their warm dry homes. We of course, desiring happy Newfies, stay in the rain and let them frolic in the lake. Their joy in the water quickly spreads to us. These pictures represent one of the best days I've ever spent in the rain.

These pictures may not be the best, but remember that my camera nearly gave its life for them. Luckily, after a night in a dry house, the camera lives again. Perhaps next time I'll think twice before taking pictures in the rain.

Here, the lake-soaked Cozy searches the beach for sticks in need of rescuing.

Mommy throws the stick and the search is on!

Cozy (on the left), appears to say "We saw the stick go in, but we lost it. Do you have another stick Daddy?". Daisy refuses to give up, searching even the shallow water for the stick, so desperately in need of salvation.

Ah, Mommy throws another stick and the search is on again. Cosy learns that if she walks in slowly, the waves don't obscure her target. Clever girl.

Daisy leaps into the water to help, and the stick is gone.

For a heart wrenching moment, Cozy is completely submerged in the water for the first time in her life. We wait for an eternity, then Cozy pops up out of the water with the stick in her mouth! She found it! My smart girl then paddles back to the jubilant cheers of her people. Can you see Cozy out there? She's swimming for the first time ever. Words cannot describe the joy we felt at seeing our Cozy swimming.

Cozy gains her footing in the shallow water and runs up to get her hugs and love. Of course Daisy got her hugs and love for being such a good lifeguard and watching out for Cozy in the deep water.

No, this isn't the Loch Ness Monster, it's a closeup of Cozy swimming. Daisy looks on, no doubt as proud of Cozy as we were. Daisy has been an excellent teacher, and Cozy a most astute pupil.

Cozy and Daisy, now seasoned stick-rescue dogs, scan the lake for any sticks in need of rescue. In my heart I see them scanning for people, saving swimmers as only a Newfoundland can. Cozy has finally caught a glimpse of her heritage. Her reaction can only be described as amazing.

If I throw a stick in the yard, she will retrieve it maybe twice. In the water, she must have retrieved that stick 50 times. As you might have guessed, we are quite proud.

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