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Well Cozy fans, since I've started using my digital camera, I've amassed far too many pictures, and not nearly enough time to post them all. Here's a selection from September 1998.

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Um, Daddy, I do believe the deal was; "I get clean, then I get a cookie". I am now clean, so I am now await the delivery of said cookie.

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What? No cookies? Daisy, do you hear this?

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Um, I seem to remember you owing me a cookie from my bath. I hate to lay a guilt trip on you, but you did renege...

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Try as I might, I have no words for this image.

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In summary then, we can say that 1 kcal equals 1000 cal or 4185 joules or 41,850,000,000 ergs.

Oh wait... I'm a dog.

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Here Cozy sits, staring at the laptop I've left on the table while I ran inside to get the phone. She ponders the equations on the screen, and comes to the conclusion that I have made a slight miscalculation in the temperature of the fissionable material which will no doubt result in the immolation of everyone surrounding the experiment. Sadly, having been told repeatedly not to touch anything on the table, she is unable to render the anonymous assistance that would render the cold fusion theory a success and change the world forever.

Now where's that kong...

Thus endeth this installment of Cosette's page.

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