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Our beloved Cosette is 9 months old in these pictures. She is in heat now, so no trips to the park for us for a while. She has had no callers with the exception of an overly amorous, and highly confused buck. That's right, a teenage male deer has been seen numerous times, just outside our fence, snorting at Cozy. Imagine his surprise when the sweet smelling doe he has tracked to our yard has long black fur, a ferocious bark, and want's to eat him alive! I bet he has nightmares. Anyway some of these pictures were taken after a day at the lake, so that's why Cozy is wet in a few.

My baby girl is growing up. -sniff-

Cozy has taken to fits of goodness. Here she can be seen doing nothing at all. This, as anyone that has had a puppy will tell you, is being good.

Must you keep flashing that damn thing in my face? I'm trying to rest here. Why don't you go make yourself useful and get me a cookie? And make it a big one this time!

OK, here's the deal. One day my wife went to get the mail, and both dogs became quite agitated that Mommy had left them alone with me. I took Cozy to the window, and showed her that she could see Mommy walking to the mailbox. She was quite happy. Daisy jumped up on the sill and watched as well. The problem is; now Cozy looks "out" the window at night, sees nothing but shadows of reflection (often of herself) in the glass, and barks in alarm! Sure it's funny the first 37 times, but c'mon already! Of course it's my fault for teaching her to look out the window...

Here we entice Cozy to look beautiful for the camera with a cookie. Actually the cookie just holds her still. She looks beautiful all the time. Well not after the mud. Or the lake. Or the pool. Or the rain. Oh just forget it.

Here, mere seconds later, Cozy's entire world consists of that cookie, which, though she has been sitting like a good girl for 6 hours, Mommy has refused to give her.

I don't want my bone. I want Daisy's bone. Daisy's bone is nicer. You always give her the bigger bone. Daisy's bone has more meat on it. If you loved me you'd give me Daisy's bone. -Humph-

Thus endeth this installment of Cosette's page.

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