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Cosette's First Bath. These pictures are not very good. Time constraints have prohibited me from adjusting them appropriately. My apologies if some of them are less than clear. I must also apologize for the excessive length of this page. I got a little carried away.

Well, to put it simply, Cozy did not enjoy her bath. She was very good and did not whimper, cry or bark. She just stood there and gave us this look continuously. I felt like we were torturing her.

So then she looks at me as if to say "Please daddy, make her stop". BTW, she does not have my wife's whole hand in her mouth, it just looks that way.

I think the reason our little Cozy was so unhappy was because my wife was spiking her hair up all along her back to make her look like Otto, our long lost Iguana. Don't worry Cozy, I won't let mommy put antlers on you during the holidays

Of course hugs from mommy make anyone feel better. We always remark on how portly our little Newfie is. When she was wet she looked like she lost 40 pounds. She looked like a little dog all of a sudden. Maybe that's why she was unhappy.

Once she got out of the tub and we toweled her off, she went berzerk. She went running like a maniac all over the house, apparently overjoyed at having been freed from her ordeal. Can you see the mischief in her eyes?

Personally, I think the punk look is out, but who's to tell a Newfie about style?

Quite shiny when wet no?

I'm not sure there is anything I could say to make this picture more appealing.

-Sigh- OK, I'll be good, you can trust me...

Socks? What socks? Oh... these? Uh.. I was just... guarding them for you. Yeah. I did good right?

OK, I'm clean, I'm being good, I put your socks away. Don't you think I deserve a cookie? Aren't I cute enough? (She got the cookie)

Thus endeth this installment of the Newf puppy page.

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