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My Cozy's first ever Christmas. She got more gifts than we did, and of course wanted only to play with the wrapping paper. She got a bumper and a dumbbell for training, a king-kong (She still prefers the poodle-sized one), and a big tugging rope to mention a few.

Showing off her "Hold it" command and being just too cute for words, Cozy shows us one of her presents.

This intense concentration can only be the result of one thing. My wife is holding her poodle-kong just out of sight. Makes for a great picture though no?

I think this one would make a great greeting card. Just strikes me funny.

Well, I was sleeping ya see, when this fat guy dressed all in red pops out of the fireplace.

"Whoa", I says.

What do you think you are doing here?

"I'm Jolly 'ol Saint Nick" He says.

Not on my watch I says.


He left so fast, he forgot his hat.
I done good... Right?

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