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Cosette has now passed her first birthday and is still very much the puppy. She and Daisy were recently visited by Kirby (My boss' dog), who was, in Cozy's mind at least, Cozy's personal play thing. All the images on this page were taken with my new Kodak DC120 digital camera. They were taken on the lowest quality setting. As of this writing Cozy weigh's in at 127 pounds.

Here's Kirby, looking up at me saying "Please take me home. I'll be good. Don't leave me with these two HUGE dogs. At home I'm the alpha! Please, take me home. Or just give me your hot dog. That would be OK too."

Cozy stalking Kirby as he makes his plea for asylum.

All Cozy really wants out of life is her Kong. We trained her using it and it has become her favorite thing. Of course it has to be THIS kong. The 15 other Kongs she owns don't do a thing for her.

Mommy went to get the mail and both girls were beside themselves not being able to be near her. They watched intently as she walked to the mailbox and back, barking occasionally for effect.

Did I mention they're not allowed on the couch?

The reason Cozy gets just about anything she wants. C'mon, admit it. You're thinking of giving her a cookie yourself aren't you?

I simply cannot resist her. Even if she does need a haircut.

Thus endeth this installment of Cosette's page.

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