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Cozy the bear. The continuing story. Cozy is 7 months old now. She weighs 103 pounds. She loves to play like a puppy, and still loves her little poodle-sized kong. She has finally learned to ring the bells on the door to go out, and has also learned that I will get up and open the door EVERY time she rings them (aarrgghh). She is still, and will forever be my sweetie.

So many people have commented on how beautiful Cozy is, that I thought I would share some pictures of a real-world Newf. This is Cozy after playing in her favorite home-made mud puddle.

Look carefully. The string of drool. The mud on her nose. The mud and much on her legs. Ah yes, my beautiful Cozy in all her glory.

Cozy begging Daisy for some playtime.

No matter what she's done during the day, when she sleeps, she becomes my little angel. I'm pretty sure she's dreaming of ways to torment Daisy though...

Cosette is named for the character in Victor Hugo's famous novel Les Miserables. Perhaps you've seen the musical based on the book? Here Cosette gives us her rendition of "A Heart Full of Love" from the musical. Let me tell you, she really puts her heart into it.

Cozy laying down, being a good girl, no doubt having been told repeatedly to do so.

Hey, what's a Cozy update without a profile shot right?

Thus endeth this installment of Cosette's page.

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