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Cozy the bear. The continuing story. Cozy is 5 months old here, or just shy of that age. She weighs almost 80 pounds. She still loves the flashlight, has mastered the buster ball, and still loves her little poodle-sized kong most of all. She has learned stay (finally) and is working on take, give, pull, and "Get that damn nose off the counter!!!". Yes, she is so big that she can put her nose on the kitchen counter.

What an angel. This would be the "cute face" that gets her way too many cookies.

OK, these pictures are weird, I know. Look at her teeth. She has two complete sets of canine teeth (fangs), and I just think it's the coolest thing ever. The highlite on the second picture should help you pick them out in the first. A crummy picture, yes, but I wasted almost a whole roll trying to get her to show those damn teeth! Pretty cool huh?

Cozy sits on the top of the stairs, looking down on all her royal subjects.

When Mommy is upstairs, and Daddy is downstairs, Cozy knows that the halfway point is at the top of the stairs. She waits patiently for us to get closer together so that she can be as close as possible (read: in the way), to both of us at all times. This is the scene I am greeted with when I come up the stairs.

Of course she feigns boredom so as not to look as if she's been waiting for me.

Gotta have a Newfie head shot. That head just keeps getting bigger! Now if I can just figure out how to trim those ears...

Thus endeth this installment of Cosette's page.

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