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The Cozy Saga continues... Cosette is 4 Months of age in these pictures. As of this writing she weighs roughly 75+ pounds and is a brat to make a three year old child proud. Nah... She's a little angel!

Cozy's first real exposure to water in a lake. She wasn't quite sure what to make of it, and proceeded quite cautiously. She seemed to know that she should be in the water, but not quite sure of what to do once there. No swimming yet, but we keep taking here to the lakes.

If you've read my "Newfie Photography" lesson, this is one of those terrible pictures I talk about. Hey they can't all be gems. Anyway, this is her first snowfall, so I had to include it. This happens to be in New Hampshire, where my mother spoiled her rotten. I think she even arranged to have it snow for her...

This is Cozy and her best friend in the whole world, my brother-in-law's Yellow Lab, Clarence. When this was taken, Clarence was still bigger that Cozy, and liked to take advantage of that fact. We'll see how things progress. Of course they love to play in the muddiest spot they can find, and guess what? Cozy leads him right to it!

Thinks Newfies are always soft and cuddly? Try lifting this wet mess of a dog into the car! She was covered in wet muddy slop. I've never seen her so happy...

Thus endeth this installment of Cosette's page.

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