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Ah yes. Another installment in the Life of Cosette. Cosette is 14 weeks of age in these pictures. As of this writing her favorite things in life are (in no particular order): Food, Daddy's boots, food, Cow Hooves (Stinky! -yuck-), food, and the light spot that the flashlight makes when you point it at the ground. She weighs roughly 40+ pounds and is so full of life we can hardly keep up with her. She is a very good girl... When it's in her best interest to be...

Our inquisitive beastie wondering "Why does Daddy have a black box in front of my face and more importantly; is it edible?"

Look... I'm sitting. I get a cookie when I sit Right?

The ever angelic Cosette ponders the deeper points of Newfdom. We figure these points are something like: "If I only had thumbs, I could get the damn food by myself." and "Let's see... biting fingers is good and biting toys is bad... No, no that's not it... Biting ears is good... No no..."

OK, I didn't get the cookie when I sat, so the next thing you always say is "down". Look, I'm down like a good girl. Do I get a cookie now? Do I? Huh?

Oh Puuuhhhhllleeessssseeee can I have a cookie? What can you say to a face like this? Needless to say, she gets cookies when she's a good girl. And belly rubs, and kisses, and hugs and ear scritches. Nothing beats the sound Cozy makes when you rub her ears just right.

After cookies nothing is better than belly rubs and raspberries on my tum, as is evidenced by this post-rasberry snapshot.

After exhausting the cookie induced energy spurt, nothing beats a complete stretching of the Newfie body. And what a body it's becoming. Nice rug, No?

Here we are at the end of this batch of Cozy pictures. Couldn't end without the classic Newfie-bifocal-stare now could we? So long for now...

Thus endeth this installment of the Newf puppy page.

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